How To Make The Pores Less Prominent

How To Make The Pores Less Prominent

Large and open pores can make your skin dull and are also a breeding ground for acne. Thus, it becomes very important to get rid of the open pores.
If you’re looking for the skincare products that help you in getting rid of large pores, well, then according to us more than products it’s your daily skincare habits that play a huge role in making the pore size less prominent.
In the feed, we have compiled a few skincare practices that will help you minimize the open pores and you have to follow the practices daily.

Use A Mild Cleanser

If you are dealing with large open pores make sure you stay away from harsh cleansers that irritate your skin. When you use the harsh cleansers onto the skin they exaggerate the pore size making the pores appear much larger and visible.
Hence, always prefer using the face cleansers that are mild and gentle onto the skin. The cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin and maintains the natural pH balance of the skin is the correct cleanser for you. And, also while you wash your face prefer rinsing your face with a mild cleanser.


If you have large open pores one step that is mandatory in your skin regime has to be face exfoliation. Make sure you exfoliate your skin once a week and not more than that as over-exfoliation can harm your skin rather causing any benefit.
The exfoliation process goes deep into the skin and helps in unclogging the pores and thus shrinking the size of the large pores. For exfoliation opt for chemical exfoliation that is not harsh on your skin like the physical exfoliation and goes deep down the skin and helps in fighting various skin concerns.

Apply Face Mask

Face masking is really important for the skin especially if you have large open pores. Make sure your weekly skincare regime must include a face mask.
When you’re dealing with open pores, try to use charcoal-based masks or clay masks. Both help in unclogging the pores and when the pores are unclogged your pore size will shrink automatically.
The main reason for the pore size to expand is the accumulation of dirt and grime, and the clay or charcoal face mask helps in purifying your skin thoroughly.
Hence, a face mask is a must for getting rid of open pores.


Even if you have oily skin you can’t skip a face moisturizer. Dry and unmoisturized skin can make the pore size much more prominent. Therefore, make sure you apply a face moisturizer regularly.
Not only a moisturizer hydrates your skin but also helps in increasing the skin’s healing process. So, if you are dealing with any skin issue such as acne or open pores, the moisturized skin will heal and fight all these skin issues at a much faster pace.
If you have oily skin use a light-weight and non-comedogenic moisturizer that doesn’t clog your pores.

Apply SPF

If you skip an SPF, you’re making all the skincare products you use trash. The harmful sun rays can damage your skin and make the size of the pores visible. Hence, make sure you apply an SPF regularly.

So, these were some of the important skincare practices that will help you in getting rid of large open pores. Besides, all this make sure you eat healthy and exercise regularly. All this helps in maintaining a healthy and shiny skin free from all the skin issues. A healthy lifestyle is the key to healthy skin.
We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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