How to Make Your Eyebrows Look Perfect?

How to Make Your Eyebrows Look Perfect?

“The eyes never hide the truth”, they say. Would your eyes tell the story they want, if they are missing something? We are talking out the brows. Well, they are the part of your eye look; so, we can relate them to each other. Most of us have to over plucked, shaved, or waxed our brows. The poor things are the key feature of your face. They can lift the face or make it look dull. So next time if you feel like doing something to your brows keep this in mind what they can do to your appearance. Talking about brows; which brows shape do you think should we have? Well, let’s discuss is below in detail.

Brows Shape

You need to have the thick, big, arch brows that are a lot of things in one sentence. Well, the trend of snake brows is long gone. The trend where our brows use to be in somewhat circular shape is gone too. The shape that is trending now is the thick brows till the arch, and then ending with a deep V. If you are wondering what the arch does to your face. Well, it widens the gap between the eyelid and the brows and that gap adds a lift to your face. The deep Vending that we have discussed before has to be short and not long. The longer the ending the more it is going to pull the eye down. So make sure you get rid of those extra hairs which are pulling your face down.

Brows Spoolie


You need to comb your brows with the help of a spoolie and not any other eyebrow brush. Now, how to set the brow hair? Well, the clear soap bar is your brows friend. It is another hack that is used by models. Their eyebrows keep put with the help of a soap bar. You need to use glycerin-based soap. These are mostly see-through soaps; however, some people prefer to use solid white or pink soaps. They do tend to leave some residue over the brows. So use a clear soap only. Wet the soap and grab some using a spoolie. Now, use the spoolie to brush the brows in an upward direction. You don’t have to pull them down. Brushing them in this manner will add volume and structure to the brows which is what we want.


The color match is the key here. If you want to fill in the brows then you need to make sure that you are getting the right shade for the brows. You can also fill in the brows with a matching tone to the hair color. This will give a lift to your face. Since the hair color and the eyebrows will be in a similar tone. It will draw attention to the hair sort of pulling the eye up. Now, the way you need to fill in the brows has to be natural. If it will be overfilled it will look fake which isn’t what we want. So, you need to fill the brows from a centimeter past the brows beginning. Focusing on the arch of the brows, and while filling the deep V don’t go past the last hair tip, as it will bend the eye. The front centimeter is lighter than the rest of the brows, if you feel that you need to make it a little darker then brush them using the leftover product don’t add any extra and brush them upwards.


The last touch of the eyebrows lift is the highlighter. It is a real game-changer. Some people do use concealer at the place of highlighter, but the highlighter works way better if you ask me. You need to add a tiny bit of highlighter just below the arch of the eye. Don’t drag it or push it to the outer of the inner corner. It will give the glow and the shin to the eyes. If you want, you can apply highlighter to the inner corner as well.

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