How To Shrink Pores With Makeup

How To Shrink Pores With Makeup

Our skin is made of several pores that are open but due to excessive sebum production and dirt, they tend to expand in size and become more visible. Large pores can be troublesome unfortunately you can’t change the size of pores or make them invisible permanently but a few makeup tricks will help you to cheat a poreless appearance in no time flat!
If you are suffering from large pores and face difficulty while doing makeup especially when you apply foundation we have compiled for you some helpful tips that will help you achieve a smooth, poreless look post makeup. Stay Tuned!

Nicely Prep Your Skin

To achieve a poreless makeup look the foremost thing to do is to prep your skin. A nicely prepped skin acts as a strong foundation for poreless makeup. We have divided the face prepping into two steps. Make sure you do this before starting with makeup.
• Wash Your Face
Excessive oil over the surface of the skin, dirt, and grime can make the size of your pores appear much more prominent hence make sure you laid a foundation for a poreless look by washing your face with an oil-free cleanser that will help get rid of excessive oil and dirt making the size of pores shrink.
• Moisturize
The next important step that the majority of us tend to skip is applying a moisturizer. Moisturizer is very important as it helps in gliding the foundation easily over the skin surface.
Make sure you are using a light-weight matte moisturizer that doesn’t make pores appear much bigger. A moisturizer infused with salicylic acid would be a great pick!

Poreless Primer

The most essential step for having a poreless makeup look is to use a poreless primer underneath. After you have prepped your skin nicely the next step in line is applying a poreless primer.
What is a Poreless Primer?
A poreless primer fills the big and open pores and helps you get a flawless skin.
If you are someone who has big pores you should definitely invest in a poreless primer. The best part of a poreless primer is that it could be used without any base to get a poreless skin.
Not only a poreless primer fills the open pores but also helps in covering wrinkles and other imperfection giving you a baby soft skin.


Now if you want to have a poreless makeup finish you have to look for a matte, oil-free, and long-lasting formulation of foundation. A matte foundation will not exaggerate the size of pores and you get a poreless makeup look for a long time as the foundation would be a long-lasting one.
If you want to have a poreless look always use a matte foundation as a matte foundation will help eliminate shine, excess oil, and thus will shrink the size of pores.
Pro-tip: whenever you apply a foundation make sure you mix your moisturizer with it so that it glides effortlessly into the skin without looking patchy.

Set The Foundation

Once you have applied the foundation the next thing to do is use a setting powder to set the foundation. Oil and shine can make your pores appear much bigger and setting powder helps in getting rid of excess oil and shine thus enabling you to get a poreless finish.

Spritz Setting Spray

To lock everything in place spritz your face with a setting spray. Hold the bottle out at an arm’s length and spray it several times. Make sure you pick the setting spray keeping in mind your skin type.
Pro-tip: always use a matte blush that will not exaggerate the pore size.

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