With fashion trends emerging every day, how can blazers stay behind? Blazers are not meant just for the office anymore. We see our favourite celebrities and fashion icons wearing and flaunting blazers with everything all the time. Seeing them get into this style, we as fans also crave to look best and updated with the latest trends. You’re guaranteed to make these your wardrobe staple once you get to know the styling tips for this apparel. When it comes to experimenting, there is not limit. Everything is a possible combination. For example-single colour blazers are easy to match with any print or pattern. And patterned blazer itself is the highlight of the outfit, so it goes with monochrome look. You just need to try and match different options and not be afraid to look unique.


Sounds cute? Looks even cuter! For an outing when you want to look fashionable and feel comfortable, this combination will do wonders. A blazer is the perfect top layer for an easy date night outfit with a solid plain tee tucked in your skirt just perfectly. This gives a very cool chic attitude to your personality. Looks best with high heels and a cute clutch purse to be carried along for lunches and cocktail nights. You could also wear sneakers and dress casually for day dates. This one would be perfect for that warm weather outing.


This one is quite a mainstream look if paired with skinny or straight jeans but looks quite oomph with the flared ones. The benefits are two-fold: You can easily flaunt a cute weekend outfit with this look and even head to the office. This style has so many variants to it like using accessories like bib necklaces, chunky bracelets, beret caps and what not. Adding a blazer to the jeans actually is a secret weapon to look instantly better dressed along with attracting the crowd’s eyes. Wear this to a brunch outing with your girlfriends and slay!


The coolest look ever! Imagine a cute floral summer dress beneath a cosy blazer with accessories paired with it; the perfect fall look. We all relate floral dresses with summer only but by adding a chic blazer over the top instantly changes the whole idea of it. This is a great way to wear summer dresses and create transition in the outfit. A very gorgeous and sophisticated look for women of every age! The swirl and floaty style of the dress pulled together with a tight blazer along with ankle boots makes the real fashonista look for those sunny breezy days.


You can’t turn your head away from this one for sure. Show off your legs in style with this combination in fall and winter. The blazers are usually long and cover most part of your torso till the hips so the shorts are very little visible or not visible at all. This is the beauty of this style. Just pair this one with knee boots and a multi-button shorts to make a nice change from the usual and chunky weather outfits. This will be your alternative to skirts when going out in the evening and concerts or cultural events. Look like a boss!


The oldest thing in history to ever exist is the formal suit for social gatherings. But this time, we have a dash of style added to it. Wear a double-breast blazer with matching coloured pants and slay this timeless look. For a very sophisticated style, you can wear this to impress clients, your friends, the boss and envy co-workers. There are many style variants to this one also! You can wear a checkered blazer with similar pants or striped blazer with striped pants. Solid colours also never go out of style. This is a very polished look and works every time.

This has become one of the most essential pieces for any wardrobe to add elegance to all you outfits. With so many variations from casual to office wear, this is the latest street style that you just can’t afford to miss!!

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