Just because winter is here doesn’t mean you will have to pack away those pretty, summer dresses in your wardrobe. There’s so much more you can do with those beautiful dresses. The best thing about fashion is it allows us to be creative and style things the way we like and feel comfortable in. There are endless ways of creating your style, whether from getting inspired by a celebrity or an influencer we can do it any way we like. And when it comes to styling summer dresses during winters there are so many ways of doing so which can help you in creating your own winter perfect outfit. From pairing it with a leather jacket to layering a turtle neck sweater under it, everything can be done as long as it looks amazing and feels comfortable to you. We have listed our favorite ways of styling a summer dress; keep on reading to know about them.

1. With a leather jacket and ankle boots

Layering your dresses with a leather jacket is one of the best ways of styling them during winters. Leather jacket and ankle boots together go hand-in-hand, which is what makes them a perfect winter staple. You can carry a nice black leather jacket over your bright, floral printed summer dresses and make it look winter perfect by wearing ankle boots with the outfit for extra warmth and coziness. You can easily carry this look to night parties as well as day time outings. Black leather jacket is the classic piece which you can’t really go wrong with, however, if you’re looking to experiment with the color then don’t be afraid to do so and go ahead with whatever looks the best to you. For instance, navy blue and dark maroon or wine looks equally chic and amazing.

2. Print on print

We know this may sound quite risky to you as prints on prints together can either make or break a look. The key to acing perfect print on print look is to keep everything look balanced and not overwhelming or crowded. Don’t be afraid to try this print on print technique as it can easily make you stand out for your bold and daring piece. You can easily carry your beautifully bold printed dresses with a bright jacket with vibrant prints on it such as animal prints. Remember to carry such a look with confidence and there can be no one to stop you from making the heads turn.

3. Over a turtleneck sweater

An outfit that not only looks warm and cozy but has all the right elements of fashion and glam can safely be implied as a nearly winter perfect outfit. If you have a dress that comes with thin straps then you can simply layer it over your turtleneck sweater. This school driven style is not only meant for children but can also be worn by women of any age as long as they feel comfortable with this idea of dressing. You can carry any color of turtleneck you like but black is considered to be the perfect piece as it goes with nearly all the colors. Finish off the look by wearing heeled ankle boots or sneakers, whatever feels the most comfortable to you.

4. Layer your dress with a skirt

One of the most stylish ways of wearing your dress is to layer it with a beautiful skirt. This trick will especially come handy when bodycon dresses are concerned as they tend to give your body a more structured and defined look. It can easily give an illusion of a skirt and top outfit which will make for perfect attire for fancier as well as casual occasions. If you’re pairing your dress with a long skirt, carry heels with the look and if you’re opting for a short skirt, pair it with thigh-high boots which will keep you warm and will also add an element to the look.

5. Throw coat over the dress

When nothing else works, throwing a neutral-colored coat over your bright and cheerful colored dresses can work wonders for the look. This not only helps your outfit to look more balanced but also make it appear elegant and classy. For footwear, you can choose to carry heels with the look like pointed glossy pumps and if not that then you can always have tall boots on your side.

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