Ingenious tips to keep your makeup from getting smudged when wearing a mask

Ingenious tips to keep your makeup from getting smudged when wearing a mask

This whole pandemic thing has made a huge impact on our lives. The way we are leading our lives has changed drastically, and wearing face masks has become the new normal, which we are slowly getting used to. While a lot of things have changed in terms of safety standards, there’s one more thing that has come under the radar, and that is makeup. Now that wearing a protective face mask has become extremely important every time you step of the house, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise with certain things, including your makeup. Since face masks end up covering half of our face, there’s not much we can do with our makeup, but that doesn’t mean it has to look plain and boring. Makeup getting smudged under the face mask is another thing that most girls are worried about, but you no longer need to feel intimidated by this thing. We have put together a list of some of the most ingenious ways to prevent your makeup from getting smudged under your face mask.

Don’t go overboard with your makeup

When it comes to beauty products, less is always more. You shouldn’t apply too much makeup on your face and instead, keep the base pretty light and airy. There’s no use of going for a full-coverage foundation since most of your face will be covered by your face mask, it’s best if you keep everything light. You can either use concealer to correct all the spots and imperfections on your face, or you can choose to apply CC or BB cream to make your skin look more natural and glowy. The more you apply layers of makeup, the higher the chances of your makeup getting smudged.

Stick to a matte formula

If you have been planning to wear a foundation with a face mask, instead of using your illuminating and glow-inducing foundation, which can easily get smudged or transferred onto the mask, stick to a matte or mineral-based foundation. These foundations settle on your skin very easily and don’t budge from their place.

Flaunt your eye makeup

One of the easiest ways to draw a viewer’s attention despite wearing a face mask is to accentuate your eyes. Since wearing bold and pretty lip colors is out of the question, the only thing you can play with is your eyes, which can be accentuated in so many chic ways. The current eye makeup trends include graphic eyeliners, colorful eye makeup looks, and adding a pop of neon to the eyes. You have plenty of options to experiment with.

Wear nude lipsticks

No makeup look is complete without adding a hint of color to the lips, and if you are one of those people who simply cannot do without wearing lip colors, it’s best if your stick neutral lip shades. While dark lip shades look incredibly hot and sexy, since you will be wearing a face mask for the majority of the time while you are out, there’s no use of wearing a dark lip shade. Instead, you can wear a neutral lipstick in a matte finish to make sure that it doesn’t start bleeding or get smudged under your face mask.

Use a setting spray

One of the main keys to making sure that your makeup doesn’t get smudged by your mask is to use a setting spray. On days, when you have to wear both face mask and makeup for a longer duration, you can spritz a generous amount of setting all over your face after finishing the makeup. This will lock your makeup in place whilst also making sure that it doesn’t budge. Additionally, a setting spray also makes your makeup sweat-proof; therefore, don’t forget to spitz it on your face after completing your makeup.

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