Did you know there is a right way of applying a blush? If you didn’t it’s time you know that, because you never know you might have been doing it wrong all this while. Much like contouring, a blush should also be applied according to the different face shapes. A blush is that one makeup product that has an innate quality of giving your face a very healthy and natural glow, which is why it should be used wisely to make the best out of your look and facial features. Usually applied on the apple of the cheeks, it gives a very radiant finish to the face and makes it appear more youthful and beautiful. Unlike highlighter and contouring, there’s no as such the right technique of applying blush. Just a hint of blush on your cheeks can instantly make you look glamorous and amp up your overall look in a go. However, when it comes to the placement of blush, the right placement can help in changing your appearance in a good way. There are 5 different ways of applying blush and to enlighten you about those 5 different ways, we are here to brief you about them. Read on and decide what will be the best placement of blush for your face.

Apply it on the upper side of your apples

This way of applying blush is quite popular in Japan. It is usually applied just below your eyes above the apple of your cheeks. Such a blush style may be a little too dramatic for some but it is known to work wonders for people with round faces. Applying it the right way can make the round faces appear elongated and also make them look more youthful and radiant. Take a tiny amount of blush on to the brush, start applying it to the specified area and slowly work it up towards the lower lids of your eyes. Just make sure to blend it nicely so that everything looks pretty natural.

Apply it a little below the apple of your cheeks

Another great way to make the best out of your looks is by applying the blush using this method especially if you are someone who has got a long chin. Applying the blush the right way can help in balancing your look and make your cheeks look lower than they actually are. Can you believe that no right? Well, it’s absolutely true as long as you are applying it the right way. Applying blush a little lower than the apple of your cheeks can give an illusion of lower cheeks, doing so will help in elongating the upper part of your face and make everything look balanced.

On the center of your cheeks

For all the girls who have been blessed with a square-shaped jawline, this blush trick is just for you. You can easily turn yourself into a doll in just a few seconds. And to achieve that doll look you should know the right application of blush. You can soften the strong angles and bone structure of your face by adding blush to the center of your cheeks. Taking a brush, start applying the blush in a soft circular motion. This will in help softening your strong jawline structure and will also make your eyes appear wider.

Apply it as a contour blush

Outer blush is not for everybody as it has recently started to gain popularity, all thanks to the celebrities, this blush style is seeing the light of the day. This blush style is also popularly known as contour blush. People are becoming more acceptable towards this blush style and it is also becoming more wearable in nature. If you have a wide face, this blush technique will be your safest bet as it will help in drawing attention towards the center of your face. Doing your blush in this way will help in adding some structure to your face.

Full cheeks

If you are someone who has got long or large faces, this blush technique is the right choice for you. Applying the blush beyond the designated area i.e. the apple of your cheeks will help in creating fuller cheeks which further will help in giving your face some shape and will also make your face appear less long. However, when trying to achieve this look, you will need to miss out on playing with your eyes and lips, let your pink cheeks be the highlight of your look.

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