Koreans have impeccable skin as a matter of fact. They have been envied for their beautiful skin for ages and have been an inspiration for all of us. Thinking of what is the secret to such a flawless skin; whether it is what they eat or what they do. Maybe it’s something they’re born with! But we just crave for it so much that we keep on buying and trying new products for our skin and go for facials every month, bleach our skin every 15 days, throw a lot of makeup on our face but where do we end up? Nowhere! We’re still unsatisfied with our skin and the reason is that the only skincare essential we need is firstly knowing what our skin needs, what is our skin type and giving exactly that to the skin. It’s very important to understand that trying to get two tones fairer is not the definition of beauty. Beauty is actually trying to accept yourself the way you are and flaunting it with confidence!

Here are some Korean beauty secrets that we found out and hope that they work on your skin.


Sounds weird? We thought so! But this is famous in Korea for its 100% results and is followed as a ritual by Korean women with utmost diligence. They believe that slapping face actually enhances the beauty by stimulating blood flow and increases the energy levels in the skin. Periodically slapping the face on both the cheeks is believed to give much more result than undergoing different treatments at the clinic. It is one of the best ways to get creams and facial lotions into the skin properly.


Just like the name suggests, skin polishing is something you do to get a very flawless skin and enhancing the features. Korean women love doing this to the skin and value it much more the cleansing-toner-moisturizer ritual. CTM is very popular in western countries but in Asian countries like china and Korea, polishing takes away the trophy. It increases circulation of blood vessels and gives a very dewy complexion to the face. Use essential oils for added benefit and massage every day.


An easy budget recommendation for a flawless skin! Steam is the dewy particles arising from the water when heated. The benefits of steam have been understated so much but it is one of the most beneficial treatments to the skin, you bet. Steam opens our pores and gets into them thus giving deep cleansing and exfoliation to the skin that it needs. With clockwise and anti-clockwise motions, face should be massaged after a steam session starting from the forehead down till the jaw. Once this is done, cover up with a moisturizer for skin elasticity.


Charcoal has gained importance in every part of the world recently but Koreans have been using this for years already. Wonder why their skin is so flawless! It is very common to buy and use them as a daily skin care regime. Charcoal has extremely hydrating features that detox and exfoliate the skin. Not much effort goes into this and all you have to do is sit back for 15 minutes everyday and relax the day off. Charcoal masks come in a combination of variety of ingredients like aloe vera, turmeric, cucumber and rose water etc.


In every Korean restaurant you go to, you’ll find a nutty taste tea and that is probably their famous barley tea. This is not just any normal tea but is actually served to Korean babies right from their birth to fortify their skin and overall well-being while growing up. This is because anything you start consuming from the start affects you skin and bodily changes in amazing ways. This tea is rich in anti-oxidants and it has been proved that drinking barley tea regularly can improve body circulation. Some even say that it doubles the weight you want to lose.

So these were the beauty secrets adapted by Korean beauties since forever to keep their face fresh and flawless. This reflects in their genes so much that we had to get to the core. Hope this works out for you!!

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