Liquid highlighter hacks that will change your makeup game

Liquid highlighter hacks that will change your makeup game

There are a few products in every makeup-junkie’s vanity that they cannot do without and one such product is a highlighter. And to be honest, we cannot agree more with them, a highlighter is one of those products that literally adds so much life into your makeup and make it seem more natural and glowy. On days, when your face looks dull and tired, a little pop of highlighter will completely change the way you look and adds that healthy glow to your face. Depending on how you want your face to appear, you can control the amount of highlighter used, it can be as light as a dim headlight or as dramatic and loud as sunshine. Apart from controlling the amount of highlighter used on your face, you can also be picky with its formula. And of all the different types of highlighters available in the market, the liquid highlighter is possibly your safest bet and it comes to use in more ways than you know.
We have jotted down a list of all the amazing things you can do using a liquid highlighter and how these hacks are going to change your life for good.

Give your lipstick a metallic finish

We have to admit that, applying a metallic lipstick is not everybody’s cup of tea; it can easily look a disaster especially when the color you have picked doesn’t compliment your skin tone. And buying a metallic lipstick that you are not sure about is going to be a waste of money. Well, there’s a way you can save yourself from all that trouble and your money, of course. All you will need is a liquid highlighter and your usual lipstick or lip balm. After applying the lipstick on your lips, apply some liquid highlighter on it in a dabbing motion and lightly buff it out to reveal metallic lips.

Make your body glow

While a highlighter does an amazing job to make your face glowy and radiant, why let your body feel ignored and dull? You can easily lit your body up by applying some liquid highlighter to it. And instead of applying it in the same usual way, mix a few drops of it with your body lotion. Slather it all over your body; pay extra attention to your legs, collar bones, and shoulders to make yourself shine bright like a star. Also, if the highlighter fails to mix properly with the body lotion, you can add a few drops of oil in it and let it rest for a few hours. This will do the trick.

Make your eyes sparkle

Working with eyeshadows can be a very tricky and daunting task especially when you’re a beginner. And when it involves glittery pigments, things can be even more difficult. However, you can save yourself from all this trouble by using this easy and simple highlighter hack. After priming your lids, apply a few drops of liquid highlighter on your lids and blend it evenly. Let the product dry and voila! There you have your glitter eyeshadow. Another way is to apply the highlighter after you have finished your eye makeup, this will add extra drama to your eyes and make them look more statement-worthy.

Get a dewy look

One of the easiest ways to get a dewy look in a jiffy is by using a liquid highlighter. Before putting on your foundation, apply a thin coat of liquid highlighter on your entire face and neck. After that, take your usual foundation and apply it evenly on your face and neck to reveal a beautiful, dewy finish. This way of getting a dewy look helps in making your makeup appear natural and flawless.

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