If you are done with wearing trousers and dresses, it is time to pick long skirts. With extreme versatility, flared designs and unique style, this long skirt apparel will make you look stylish and at ease all day every day. Long skirts are the perfect pick for all those who want to wear a skirt but are too shy to flaunt their legs. In that case, pick these long skirts and feel comfortable all day. They have the potential to curate the perfect outfit for you and bring out the style quotient every time you go out. We have narrowed down the trending ones, pick them and flaunt in your own style!

Georgette skirt

Skirts are the cutest outfits ever curated and look gorgeous all the time. No matter what the event or location is- workplace, lunch, shopping; skirts look great everywhere. These gorgeous pieces have been a part of our closet since the term fashion came into existence. They were worn back then and are being worn today as well. This gorgeous georgette skirt has taken our heart away with its loose fall and flowy features. If you look at it from a distance, you will notice the carefree flow that it flaunts. This georgette skirt looks beautiful with everything. Pair it up with a fitted blouse or a tank top along with a stole. Pick the right accessories and wear your strappy sandals for the perfect chic look.

Sheer mesh skirt

You must have heard of this one but are resisting to try it? Well, you should definitely go with this one of you want to create a sexy and bold look altogether. This sheer mesh skirt is something you will love because it is transparent so you get to flaunt your fancy leggings as well. This mesh skirt has pearls embellished on it which makes it even more graceful. More like a princess skirt, you can pair it with your leather jacket to create a dimension in the look. Add color and use different accessories like a charm bracelet, belt or a nice stole at your rescue. This mesh skirt can also be paired with your pants, shorts or skirts. Make this look as bold as you want.

A pastel-colored skirt

Pastels are the colors of the year and there is no doubt it. Everyone is loving this wave of pastels and you must also dwell into it. The best thing about pastel colors is that they are subtle and look elegant everywhere. You don’t have to put in much thinking when it comes to pastels because they are self-sufficient. They can never flop your look no matter what. So, pick a long skirt in pastel shades like lavender, lemon, nudes or bubble pink. All these colors are the most loved pastel shades and so, you can pick any of them. Use this pastel skirt for your evening as well as day outings. Pair it with a dark-colored top and carry a nice sling along for the perfect attire. Flaunt pastels this season and turn heads around every time you step out.

A pleated skirt

A pleated skirt, as the name suggests, is a formal skirt and looks super classy. If you love skirts, you will love to have this one as a part of your collection. This pleated skirt with fine pleats will take you places and make you feel all dressed up and bossy. The deal with a pleated skirt is that it is associated with a formal attire every time it is worn. But since we have picked it in a long length, you can wear it everywhere you want. This pleated skirt will accentuate your curves and give your waistline visibility. With this, the figure looks even more defined and intact. Pair this one with anything you like because it will always brighten up your day.

A flared skirt

Flared apparel wear is another trending pick of the season. Everyone desires to have flared pants, trousers as well as a skirt in their wardrobe. This trend has been all over the place and that is why we recommend picking a flared skirt right away. This skirt will be a great pick for your casual lunch and brunch scenes, a shopping spree or when you are simply running errands. It will keep you at ease and super comfortable all day. With a flared skirt, you feel more confident because the figure is not highlighted that much. So, it is definitely one of the best picks for bulky women. Pick this skirt and pair it up with any fancy blouse or a regular tee for the perfect attire. Colors are no boundary here, feel free to choose anything.

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