Loungewear trends that will be everywhere this winter

Loungewear trends that will be everywhere this winter

Since winter is officially here, you must be expecting a new wave of trends that will be defining the season. You might already be aware of dress, coats, and sweater trends, but today we will be getting you familiar with loungewear trends that are expected to be huge this winter. Much like the rest of this year, the remaining months will involve more of staying inside and less of going outside; hence, we are prioritizing loungewear over any other piece of winter clothing at the moment. While nothing can beat the comfort feel of classic sweatsuits and joggers, after being worn repeatedly throughout the lockdown, we have gotten a bit tired of wearing them. The best and equally comfortable alternative to joggers is loungewear that will take care of your every winter need.
The trends in question not only includes comfortable knit sets but cool and cozy shoes as well that will easily replace your standard slippers.

Shearling shoes

Why just stop at clothes when you can totally add the cozy and chic factor to your shoes as well? And we are not talking about boots here, but sandals and slippers. Of all the emerging loungewear trends for winter, shearling-lined shoes are turning out to be a huge deal this year. Since we are spending more time at home than going out, it only seems fitting to invest in a pair of shoes that is equal parts comfy and chic. And shearling-lined shoes meet all our requirements, hence, it’s the pair we will be investing in this winter and would also recommend you the same.

Cable-knit sweaters

This grandpa trend is gaining heat at the moment and has managed to make it to our list. Cable-knit sweaters are one of the coziest pieces of winter clothing you can add to your wardrobe at the moment. Cable-knit sweaters or even vests exhibit a very old-school vibe, and this will work wonderfully for our winter outfits by striking a perfect balance between cozy and chic.

Silky pajama sets

Of all the loungewear trends, silky pajama sets are our personal favorite, and we are pretty excited and delighted about this trend’s arrival. Pajama-inspired dressing keeps making a comeback every few years, and this year it’s back with a bang and chicer than ever. From pretty colors to gorgeous prints, you can find these silky pajama sets in a huge range of options. Additionally, if you want to feel a bit dressier in a pajama set or want to lift your mood, just wear one of the silky pajama sets, and you will be good to go.

Ribbed sets

What can be better than ribbed sets? They are not only super comfortable but also look forward and chic. Additionally, these ribbed sets look elevated, no matter the color or style. You can find these sets in a wide range of options, but lounge pant sets are trending the most at the moment. From browns to blue, there’s no dearth of fresh colors when it comes to ribbed sets, invest in the ones that you can wear both in and out of the house.

Fleece jacket

There’s something about fleece jackets that makes everyone want to cozy up in this super warm and comfy piece in winter, especially when it snows. A fleece jacket adds a different level of comfort and coziness to the outfit and is a perfect loungewear material. From ruffle detailing to pretty prints, there are so many amazing options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a fleece jacket. Whether worn at home or outside, a fleece jacket will instantly elevate your outfit.

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