Having big and beautiful eyes is every girl’s dream. But sadly not everybody is blessed with big luscious eyes. It’s not that we should feel anything bad about it, after all, we should always stay content and happy with what we have got. However, the idea of making them look bigger sounds really amazing, as there are days when we want to accentuate our eyes and make them appear bigger and brighter

Eyes are one of those features which alone can make you look 10 times more attractive, youthful and healthy. So, girls who often deal with not having naturally big eyes, there are some easy ways to make them appear bigger using a few makeup tips and tricks.

Technique of applying your eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is surely one way to make your eyes look bigger. However, it’s also important to apply it the right way or else it can make your eyes appear even smaller. The key to getting desired eyes is the right technique for applying eyeliner.

While applying eyeliner on your eyelids, make sure it only covers 3/4 of the outer corner of your eyes along the upper lash line. Don’t go all the way to the inner corner of your eyes unless you want your eyes to look the original size or even smaller.

While applying it to your lower lash line, just do it below the lash line and not on the water line or inside of the rim. For your waterline, you can opt for a lighter or white shade of liner. This technique easily gives an illusion of bigger eyes, just remember not to overdo it.

Winged eyeliner 

This technique is a great way to make your eyes appear wider. While applying eyeliner to the outer corner of your eyes, extend the application of your eyeliner a little upwards in the outer direction. But with that, it’s also important to apply it in a symmetrical manner as a wrong application of it can make your eyes look uneven.

If it’s easy for you to apply it on yourself then that’s a good thing, and if not then you may ask your friend or family to apply it on you.

Apply highlighter or a white eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes

Another great way to make your eyes pop and give an appearance of a bigger version is to apply a highlighter or white shadow to the inner corner of your eyes. Opt for a warmer tone of a highlighter or white eye shadow, or else a harsh one may look very dramatic and theatrical. For an added effect you can apply a white eyeliner to the inside of your rim. This way your eyes will look bigger and wider.

Form a crease using eye shadow

Defining the crease of your eyelids is a great way of acing the appearance of bigger eyes. This technique will add more depth to the crease and make your eyes appear more defined and round. For eye shadow opt for neutral shade or a shade that is slightly darker than the rest of your makeup. Apply it to your crease using a makeup brush and make sure to blend it really nicely, so that it doesn’t look weird and uneven.

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