Make Your Skin Glow without Make-Up

Make Your Skin Glow without Make-Up

Applying make-up every day to our skin isn’t healthy. Our skin needs to feel natural once in a while, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your look. You can look fabulous without make-up if you follow our little tips. It will be easy to prep your face with some skincare ingredients to make it look hydrated. You can touch-up a little if you want. However, one thing we would want you to be doing a day before you decide to have a none make-up look. Try to deep clean your face. So that the acne or the imperfection of the face could actually be catered to one way or the other. So, let’s get started what you shall be doing?


Exfoliation is a simple process where you are dumping out the impurities of the face and getting the blood flow. This will make your face look brighter and shiner. You will be able to feel that the skin is deeply cleansed. In case, you have pores then they have to be cleaned as well. Since you are exfoliating your face make sure you exfoliate your lips as well. You can make a lip exfoliate at home by mixing honey and sugar. Otherwise, there are make-up brands that have been making lip scrubs you can try those as well. If you have deeply cleansed your skin a day before then you can use a mild exfoliator or cleanser.

Vitamin C Serum

The next you have to use is vitamin C serum. This serum is beneficial for all the major skin issues. You can have blemishes, dark spots, or uneven tone. This serum is your solution. Don’t be extra generous as it can make your face oily if you apply it in access. Otherwise, our skin absorbs the serum quite quickly. Using seven to ten drops of a serum every day from face to the neck can make you feel a change in your skin. The quantity of vitamin C will vary in products. If it has 20% of vitamin C in it then you can use it. Besides, there are several other ingredients added to the serum that our skin needs. So give a good look at the ingredients in serum before you purchase it.

Face Roller

The next trick is to calm your skin. You would have heard before that when we eat high sodium food during the night our face gets puffy. That can happen to us if we have consumed sodium-rich food. However, you can get rid of this puffiness if you have a face roller. It will calm your face and decrease the puffiness around the cheeks and the eyes. It also feels amazing on the face, if you keep the roller in the freezer before using it. The cool marble or steel on the roller makes it all the way more relaxing experience for us. You can use any type of roller you like. Make sure that you move it in upwards direction and not the downward. It will help your skin look amazing and give a lift to the face. If you have pores then the iced roller will help you minimize the size of the pores.

Brow Shapes

The brows are the key to making your face look in symmetry. If the brows aren’t well-shaped then, you can have an uneven face look. To make the right side in sync with the left side, make sure that you fill your brows and set them using a brow gel or any other hacks you have been using to make your brows look luscious and pretty. Try to keep them natural and don’t fill in the gaps completely in the front.
The last step will be to apply SPF. It is extremely important step and you should never forget doing this for the days you have been adding making or just avoiding make-up.

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