Makeup tricks that will give droopy eyes an instant lift

Makeup tricks that will give droopy eyes an instant lift

Accentuating your eyes is possibly the best way to enhance your face and make it look more defined and attractive. But girls who are blessed with droopy eyes, struggle quite a bit to get their eye makeup right. While some are blessed with such eyes naturally, in some cases, it can also be a result of aging and high-stress levels. Not only it makes you look tired all the freaking time but it also adds more age to your look and makes you appear older than you actually are.
While we understand that droopy eyes come with its own set of disadvantages, you shouldn’t let this thing bring down your look. Before you start to feel any more disappointed, gear yourself up for the good news. It’s no hidden fact that makeup is one of the most powerful tools to have in every girl’s in vanity and in your case; it is this thing only that will make your droopy eyes look lifted in no time.
We have put together a list of a few makeup tricks that will give your droopy eyes an instant lift and make you look your original age.

Accentuate your brows

One of the easiest ways to make your eyes look well lifted is by working on your brows. Nicely and neatly filled brows are the key to achieving a more defined look and in this case, it also works towards making your eyes look lifted. The brows here can be an ultimate game-changer, therefore, make sure that you do this step very carefully and with precision. Pick a brow pencil that matches the color of your brows and start filling them whilst accentuating their shape. It won’t only make your face look more defined and nicely framed but will also lift your eyes. You can also line the bottom of your eyebrows using white eyeshadow or even a concealer to highlight the area, which further will uplift your eyes.

Line your upper lids

While a black eyeliner applied on the lower lash line makes eyes look well defined and a lot more attractive but it’s best if you skip this step as it will only make your eyes look even smaller and droopy. Instead of applying it on the lower lash line, divert your focus on the upper lid and line your upper lash line using a black liner. But don’t keep the eyeliner very thick, start applying the eyeliner from the inner corner of your eyes and gradually thicken it as you take it to the outer corner of your eyes. This will instantly make your eyes look wider.

Contour your eyelids

Another great way to make your eyes look lifted and wide is by contouring the eyelids. For this step, you will need a medium shade eyeshadow, preferably brown. Apply it to the outer half of the crease of your eyelids and not beyond that. Doing so will make your eyes look wide and slightly lifted. You can also choose to highlight the brow bone using a white or ivory highlighter and it will work wonderfully to distract the attention from your droopy eyes.

Work on lashes

One of the easiest ways to make your eyes look wide open and lifted is by working on your lashes. If you have small and light lashes then it’s time you buy yourself falsies. Just make sure to buy the lashes in the right size with perfect volume so that they can make your eyes look well lifted and your face younger. And if falsies are not a feasible solution to you, then you can also choose to apply volumizing mascara to give your lashes an instant lift.

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