Mistakes That Are Not Going To Help Your Looks

Mistakes That Are Not Going To Help Your Looks

Make-up or no make-up do what you like with your face. However, there are certain habits that you need to initiate in your life to have a flawless beauty glow. The habits like skincare routine. Hydrating yourself, making sure that you eat health and nutritious food every day, and not to mention avoiding certain make-up or skincare hacks that you don’t need in your life. So let’s get to the things you have been doing wrong so far and do the things that can correct them. Besides, you will learn some valuable information which will be beneficial.

Skin Care

Having a skincare routine form an early 20 age is vital for a young girl. It depends on what your skincare want is. Sometimes our skin has a texture so you must follow skincare to avoid texture. Most of the women or girls have dark spots or uneven skin tone then, you can deal with the products that help to solve these issues. Similarly, a mature woman needs to follow skincare which will help them get rid of their wrinkles and fine line. To get perfect skincare for yourself, you need to understand your skin first and what is its requirement. Only then you will be able to find the product you need. The general things to look in a product are lactic acid, hydroquinone, and vitamin C. These are required by most of us.

Face Wash

We all are guilty of it. There have been days when we haven’t washed our face and gone to bed with make-up. There can be many reasons for you to have not done that but the excuses aren’t helpful for your skin. We all use make-up and products to make our skin tone even or to have no visible pores. In order to do so, we are not letting the skin pores breath which is exactly the reason you need to be washing the face before going to bed. It is not only important for you to wash your face during the night but washing the face once you have woken up is equally important; because the pillow and your eye masks have all the germs in it which have to be washed off the face. Be sure of washing your face during the night and after you had your morning tea or coffee, prefer face wash.


Not applying enough sunscreen is something that we all are doing. A derma will recommend you to wear half a tablespoon of sunscreen from your face to neck if you are heading out. If you are wearing a halter or an off-shoulder top then the quantity of it will vary again. You will need to cover your body nicely before stepping foot in the sun not only during summer. If you live in the colder region then you can wear it as a moisturizing lotion. You just don’t have to apply sunscreen to the face but all the exposed body parts like your arms, legs, hands, etc.


You would have heard it many times before that people have a skin difference where their face is looking all rosy and peachy but the neck is looking bland. So you need to apply it not only to the face but the neck as well. Besides, many ladies still prefer to match their foundation shade with their face skin tone and not the neck tone. If you match the foundation to the neck then you will not have to apply foundation to the neck and lesser product will be used. You can also check the foundation by applying it to your hand or the wrist inner side. These areas also have a similar tone to the neck. To finish up the bottle you have, and then find the one for you.

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