Every person in this universe is blessed with a different skin type, some have oily skin, some have dry skin while some have a combination skin type. And depending on your skin type, your skin should be treated with the right skincare as well as makeup products. Using products that are meant for different skin types can make your skin react in an adverse way and that’s why it’s always suggested to look for products that are meant for you and not the other way around. Speaking of skin type, oily skin type is believed to be most vulnerable to acne formation and that is because of the excess oil production. By the end of the day, if your face starts to look oily especially around the t-zone, this would probably mean you have been blessed with oily skin. Sometimes the oil starts to appear on cheeks as well as the chin area. While blotting paper and facial cleanser are extremely handy for people with such skin type, but even after doing a whole lot of care and pampering, our skin starts producing excess oil and this can be attributed to the fact that you may be holding onto some habits that are further contributing to the production of excess oil. And it’s time you break these skincare habits and make your skin appear less oily.

Using drying toner

Just because you have got an oily skin doesn’t mean using dry skincare products will prove to be the safest bet for you. In fact, using such products can further worsen the situation and make your skin appear more oily than you would have imagined. Invest in a toner that has a non-drying formula and is gentle as well as alcohol-free. After properly cleansing your face, taking a cotton pad, apply it evenly on your face twice in a day, i.e. morning and evening.

Dewy makeup is a big no

While the whole world is going crazy over dewy makeup look, sadly, this makeup look is not for oily-skinned beauties. We totally feel you girl, but unfortunately using a foundation that gives your face a dewy, radiant appearance will not work for you. It can further make your face appear shinier. We would recommend you to stick with a matte-finished foundation that can help to tone down the oily appearance of your skin.

Always touching the face

One of the worst habits any girl could ever have is touching their face constantly. What you girls don’t realize is, this is the easiest way for bacterias, dirt, etc. to stick on to your skin. Indirectly you are transferring all that oil and bacteria to your face. This further can also lead to acne formation which we believe you may not be the biggest fan of. Touching the face is not only a big no for oily skin people but for all the people in the world, especially the girls. You should only touch your face when needed and make sure your hands are all clean before you apply anything to your face using your hands such as cleanser, moisturizer, etc.

Applying the wrong moisturizer

Moisturizer is an important part of any skincare routine. With your skin already being so oily, you may think you wouldn’t need to apply moisturizer on your face now. However, that’s not at all true. No matter what your skin type be, applying a moisturizer is an important step. When it comes to picking a moisturizer for your skin type, you should pay a good amount of attention to what moisturizer you are opting for. Pick a moisturizer that has a non-shiny or non-oily finish to it.

Washing your face more than required

Overwashing your face can easily strip your skin of its natural oil which further can make your face appear very dull. And sometimes overwashing your face can also make your skin to produce more oil, which we obviously aren’t trying to achieve. So make sure you are not overdoing it. Washing your face twice a day, once in the evening and once in the morning will do the job perfectly.

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