If you are new to this makeup world, we totally understand what you must be going through. With varied options to choose from, the whole process can get a little overwhelming and quite stressful too. However, the choosing process is not as difficult as it may seem. With a little guidance and knowledge, you can find the right products for yourself and get started with your makeup in a go. From foundation to lipstick, each product holds equal importance which can instantly change the way you appear. Keep on reading to know about them.


Your makeup vanity won’t feel complete without having a foundation in it. Foundation serves as the most basic and one of the essential makeup products which you can’t do without if you are looking to create a flawless look. But before you apply any makeup product to your face, it’s important to prep your skin with toner and moisturizer as it allows an easy and smooth application of foundation. However, while looking for a foundation there are certain things to keep in mind such as choosing the right formula, right shade (extremely important), and make sure the foundation doesn’t contain a particular product that you are allergic to. From different formulas and textures to different features and shades, you can pick the one that suits your skin type.


And we clearly can’t do without a concealer too. It is a literal lifesaver and we can’t thank the cosmetic industry enough to have introduced this product in the market. Whether to hide your dark circle or any sort of imperfection on your face such as pimples, acne, redness, a concealer can do it all. It basically helps you in giving a flawless look and makes you appear more presentable. Concealers come in 2 types, one is for under eyes and the other one is for face. There’s an obvious difference between their formulation and texture. While the under-eye ones provide hydration to the area, the face concealers are more dense and have a little dry texture. You can choose a concealer that fulfills your needs and requirements.


Now that the main step is done, it’s time to add some natural effect to your face and that can be done by using a bronzer. In order to save yourself from looking all washed-out, you can use a bronzer to give your face a more structured and defined look. Apply the bronzer on certain parts of your face such as the hairline, cheekbones and the neck area to make everything appear balanced out.


The best way to enhance and highlight your eyes is to apply mascara onto your eyelashes. Because who doesn’t love having long, luscious and thick lashes, mascara can do the trick and make your eyes appear bigger just like this. It comes in all different formulation and features. From waterproof quality to voluminous mascara, it comes in all. You can pick the one that feels the best to you and serves the purpose.

Brow pencil

Your face doesn’t feel complete without filling in the eyebrows and doing so brings a huge change to the way you look. So you certainly can’t miss out on this one product. You can use a brow gel or powder using a brush or powder, whatever suits you. We would suggest you to start with powder formula as they are more forgiving than gel ones. Make sure not to go overboard while filling your eyebrows or else it may look too dramatic and dark.


And to finish off the look, we need a good lipstick to add to the vanity. But a nude and bold lipstick is definitely a must to have. For fancier events, you can opt for a bold red lipstick and nothing looks sexier and stunning than this lip shade. And for the days where you want a minimal or no makeup look then there’s no other option than a nude lipstick. You can choose the shade that is slightly darker than your lip color.

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