Near-genius tips to prevent your lipstick from staining the glass

Near-genius tips to prevent your lipstick from staining the glass

Although there have been countless moments where our makeup has caused us embarrassments, transferring the lipstick on a glass we’re drinking from always remains one of the most embarrassing and common problems that are usually associated with bold lipsticks. Sometimes lipsticks that claim to be non-transferrable also end up leaving a stain on the glass, and that can be quite embarrassing. We are sure this might have happened to almost every woman, some women even go to an extent of not drinking anything from a glass or wearing a bold lip color in order to avoid lipstick stains. You don’t have to do all that and torture yourself. There are ways you can prevent your statement lip color from leaving stains on the glass.

If you have always avoided wearing a statement lip color to parties or events for this particular reason, you don’t need to do that anymore. We all know what a bold lip color can do for your look, it not only lifts the mood but adds extra spice to the look, and you surely don’t want to miss on that. Listed below are some near-genius tips that will keep your lipstick from leaving stains on the glass and let you enjoy your drink in peace.


Prep your lips well

Prepping and priming make a world of difference to your base makeup and make it long-lasting; your lipstick also works in a similar way. Before you continue with your lip makeup, make sure to prep your lips nicely by exfoliating and moisturizing them. Don’t forget to use a lip primer before putting on your lipstick. And if you don’t have a lip primer, then you can simply apply a thin layer of foundation or concealer across your lips to even them out. The better your lips are prepped, the longer your lipstick will stay put.


Use a lip liner first

Before you move ahead with your lipstick, make sure to use a lip liner first. A lip liner can prove to be of great help to you, it not only helps to define your lips or make them look pouty, but it also makes your lipstick more long-lasting. Once you are done outlining your lips, use the same lip liner to fill in your lips. Applying a lip liner across your lips gives your lipstick a base to cling onto, thereby preventing smudging and bleeding. Choose a lip liner that is the closest shade to the lipstick you’re planning to wear.


Blot excess product

If your lipstick starts to bleed halfway through the party or you are worried about leaving stains on the glass, then this trick will come in super handy to you. Once you are done applying your lipstick, give it some time to dry down. After ensuring your lipstick has dried down, take a clean tissue paper and press it gently between your lips to blot excess product. After that, take the same lipstick and reapply it once again to increase color intensity without any staining.


Dust some loose powder

Another genius trick to prevent your lipstick from staining or make your lipstick long-lasting is by dusting some loose powder on the top of your lipstick. You don’t have to dust the powder directly on your lips, take a clean tissue and place it against your lips after you have applied your lipstick. After that, pick some loose powder on a makeup brush and dust it over the tissue. Loose powder will not only soak up excess moisture and oil from your lipstick but will also lock it in place, which will automatically reduce the chances of staining.

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