Necklines that can add an edgy look to your blouse

Necklines that can add an edgy look to your blouse

No matter what kind of tops and blouses you pick for yourself, if you do not pick different kinds of necklines as well as styles, your outfit will always look boring. Having a signature style is a good thing to be but you should always try and experiment with new styles. They can help you pull a fancy silhouette and can also add distinct styles to your closet. There are so many options in necklines that can be picked in vivid blouses for every occasion. Check them out and add them to your collection.

Criss-cross neckline

A criss-cross neckline is one of the most flattering necklines ever curated. With a mix and match of fabric strings going across each other, this neckline is bound to make you look petite and slimmer. This will also make your bust look smaller and your shoulders sank in. With this criss-cross pattern, a little skin show is visible and this makes for the best part of this neckline. A couple of strings or straps cross each other in different fabrics like velvet and satin. These fabrics are the best pick for this kind of design if you want to go out for a formal outing. If you wish to go out for informal outings, then any kind of fabric would work.

Keyhole neckline

A keyhole neckline, as the name suggests, has very defining features that can change the look of your blouse entirely. There is so much that one can do to make this design look flattering and to start with, you can simply pick a knife-pleated top with a keyhole design. This keyhole design has the potential to be worn for all your formal outings and will never bring a dull outfit moment in your life. The way it has been curated is extremely adorable. With a keyhole in the center of the neckline, a little skin is visible. Pick it in falling fabrics like chiffon or cotton for the perfect fit.

Yoke neckline

A yoke neckline is something that can add vibrancy to any top of yours. This top with yoke detailing literally means that there is detailing on the neck area and that too, in a good amount. That is what yoke neckline means. A top with fitted neck and shoulders with some designing and pattern is one of the best styles that you can pick for yourself. With this kind of neckline, you can turn any outfit from drab to fab. Moreover, it is a great pick for your office wear as well as formal outings. This detailing can be anything from embellishments to pearls to sexy crochet work.

Sweetheart neckline

As the name suggests, a sweetheart neckline showcases the most feminine and charming side of a lady. It has two convex curves on the front, resembling the top half of heart shape which is why it is called sweetheart. With a neckline that goes down a bit more than usual but stops right before the cleavage, this one is the most elegant and sexy neckline out of the lot. Having these two adjectives together must have created speculation in your mind but it is true. It is charming and looks super sexy when picked in bodycon dresses, fitted tops and other apparel in vivid colors. Pick this kind of sweetheart neckline top in any color you want for the ultimate style. You are bound to flaunt it for all your outings! But it is preferred to have them picked for cocktail nights or dinner outings.

Choker neckline

A choker neckline is also called a wedding band neckline as it has a band stuck to the neck. This choker neck is the best way to add an illusion of accessory to your neck and trust us, this actually works! A neckline that has a piece of fabric literally attached at the shoulder and goes around the neck is definitely a must-have for a flattering look. The only difference between a wedding band neckline and a choker neckline is that a choker neckline has a gap between the neckline and the choker to give the illusion of actually wearing a choker. Pick this kind of neckline for the most flattering looks so that you don’t have to worry about accessorizing this kind of top for any outing.

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