Tummy bulge is something we cannot do anything about except for workout, which most of you may think so but that’s not the entire truth. You can successfully cover and hide that extra fat of yours very smartly with the use of some specific clothes that will work amazing for your body. We know how it feels when you go to the shopping mall and end up not buying anything from there because your bulged tummy always manages to peek through your clothes. However, the key to dressing up smart and to hide that belly bulge of yours is to stay away from body-hugging clothes as they can easily make your tummy the focal point of your look.

We may also clear this that a belly bulge cannot deter you from dressing up in a certain way. You can dress up any way you want as long as it feels comfortable to you. But to help you out a bit, we have listed some of the outfits that will work amazingly well for your body and will successfully hide that tummy bulge of yours without needing to compromise on your style.

Ruffle and peplum tops

The best way of hiding that bulged belly of yours is by opting for a ruffle or peplum tops for yourself. These tops basically help in creating an illusion and hide those bulges very smartly. Peplum tops come with a cinched waist that rests below your bust area or we may say your upper waist line which very elegantly shows off your curves. The rest of the flowy fabric trains down to the belly button which looks very smart. Similarly, ruffle tops also help in concealing those bulges by drawing attention towards its beautiful ruffle detailing.

Draping tops

Just like your ruffle and peplum top, a draping top is also an excellent choice for people with bulged tummy. Such tops come with their waistband cinched just below the bust area that perfectly conceals your bulges and gives you a very smart and stylish look. While looking for such tops make sure that the waistband cinches below your bust area and not on the waist line.

Vertical stripes for the win

We all know how vertical stripes can make you look taller instantly, but what we don’t know is that they can also make you look slimmer at the same time. From vertical striped dresses to vertical striped tops, you can go for any top layer as long as they come with vertical striped pattern. Such a pattern work amazingly well to conceal that extra fat of yours without ruining your style.

Dark flowing dresses

Ever found yourself checking out those beautiful flowy dresses? Well, who doesn’t right? This beautiful, flowing and breathable fabric make for another great outfit for people with bulged tummy. And what’s the best thing is, if a lighter color doesn’t work for you, you can always rely upon a dark-colored dress as this trick will always work to hide that belly of yours in the smartest way. Always look out for flowing and wavy fabric when it comes to buying a dress for yourself.

Oversized tops

And you can’t ever go wrong with this outfit choice. This is not only full proof and safest bet but also looks stylish and classy enough for you to carry on casual days. Pairing them with high waist jeans or legging is another brownie point as they successfully manage to conceal those bulgy areas and make you appear very smart and stylish altogether. Tops that end below your hips are more preferable than the ones that end above your hip area.

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