Wondering about the different types of looks that you can curate for yourself while going out? Well, there are so many of them that you can try and create the ultimate silhouette for yourself. We have listed some of the most popular ones that have never flopped any outing. Pick them according to the event you are going to and there will be guaranteed heads-turning! Have a look-

‘Girls Day out’ Look

This is one of the most girlish looks you will every curate! As the name suggests, this one is the perfect pick when you are planning to flatter everyone around you. This look is full of colors, charm, and elegance. All these factors are in perfect balance in this ‘Girls day out’ look because whatever you do, you keep in mind the feminity of your character. Sporting a casual sundress or a flowy sheer dress would be an ideal pick for a girls’ outing. It can be your shorts along with a tank top and white sneakers. This look is curated keeping in mind the coolest chic vibe ever. Whenever you are out with your girls, you feel carefree and try to let yourself loose. Thus, this look has to be curated keeping in mind the carefree and playful vibe in mind. Pair your strappy sandals as well as funky accessories for the same.

‘Sunday Brunch’ Look

As the name suggests, this Sunday brunch’ look reminds us of lush green gardens as far as your eyesight goes. It also reminds us of pretty sunny skies and a fancy table full of delicious food. If you can imagine this day in your mind, you will be able to curate this look effortlessly. What you should do is add a sundress to your look and pair your colorful sandals along. You can also go for ballerinas and add a chic vibe to your overall look. The trick is to choose neutral and pastel colors along with a little dash of bright colors. Make sure you do not pick too many bright tones. Just try to add a contrasting shade and then pair fancy accessories too. This is a great time to add a hat or stole to your look. Keep your makeup subtle and your vibe high!

‘Powerful Dressing’ Look

‘Powerful dressing’ Look has something to do with businesswomen as well as all those women who are striving hard to strike a balance between chic vibe and formal looks. This is one of the most sophisticated styles ever because no matter where you go, this is bound to cast an everlasting impression on everyone. For pulling off this look effortlessly, make sure you add elegant outfits to your closet. These can be anything like pantsuits, calf-length dresses, a blazer over a denim attire or a simple tee with a formal jacket. All these looks are powerful and look like you are heading for an agenda. Pick any of the aforesaid looks and pair them with fancy accessories. This will definitely be your go-to look for all your formal as well as semi-formal events.

‘First date Night’ Look

The perfect ‘First date night’ look is something all of us want to curate and how! This is one of the sexiest looks ever because anyone who is planning for their first date wants to look stunning. This night won’t come back, it happens only once. So, while you are at it, make sure you pick the most stunning styles for a sexy look. Be a little blingy in your clothing and add a little drama to your eyes. Your personality should speak more than you. And how you should do this? Well, make sure you add attractive accessories like a blingy choker to your neck. You can pull off your hair in a ponytail to make your features visible or simply add curls to your hair for drama. Go for smokey eyes or a dash of glitter to make them notice. Add a tint to your lips and say no more. For apparel, you can pick dresses or denim with off-shoulder blouses.

‘Going for a party’ Look

Everyone loves to go out for parties and this is the time when you can dress all blingy! You can pick almost anything in sequin and add glitter to your attire as well as your eyes. The perfect party look defines a bold and fierce side of you and that is why go for clothing with ultra-bright tones or dark tones. Nothing in between! Go extreme with this one. Pick the boldest attires with frills, tassels, neons, and extraordinary features. Pick danglers in gold and silver and pull your hair in a bun. You should like you are ready to let yourself loose. Wear your short dresses along with stilettos and pumps for the ultimate look!

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