Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips With These Effective DIY Lip Mask

Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips With These Effective DIY Lip Mask

Chapped lips can be quite pesky to deal with. And, someone who applies lipsticks daily, chapped lips is a big no-no!
Not only chapped lips look unappealing but are painful. There are various reasons for chapped lips-
• Lack of Hydration
• Consumption of certain medications
• Seasonal changes
• Too much use of lip colors. And, so on
So, if you’ve been suffering from chapped lips and tried every possible thing, why not look for the cure in your kitchen? We have compiled 5 effective DIY lip masks that will treat the chapped lips and you’ll get soft and smooth lips.

Honey And Coconut Oil Lip Mask

Honey moisturizes and hydrates the lips and coconut oil treats the dry lips. Both ingredients work really well in curing the chapped lips and this lip mask is super easy to make and use.
To make the lip mask all you have to do is-
• Mix half a tablespoon of honey and coconut oil together.
• With the help of a cotton pad apply the mixture onto the lips and keep for about 15 minutes.
• Dip a cotton cloth in lukewarm water and wipe the mask off.
Use it twice a day until you get the desired results.

Coffee Lip Scrub

Sometimes dead cells accumulated on the lips can lead to chapped lips hence it’s really important to exfoliate your lips regularly and for that, we have an easy DIY lip scrub. Coffee acts as a natural exfoliator and helps you to get smooth baby pink lips.
To make this lip scrub all you have to do is
• Crush the coffee granules to make them less harsh.
• Mix a few drops of water or you can also choose rose water to make a thin paste.
• Apply this paste onto the lips and scrub the lips gently.
• After scrubbing the mixture for about 5 minutes,take a tissue paper and wipe off the mixture.
Apply a lip balm and follow the step every twice a week.

Sugar And Lip Balm Scrub

Another great scrub that exfoliates your lips to get smooth and soft lips is mixing sugar in any of your fave lip balms.
• Apply lip balm onto your lips as you do usually.
• Now, take half a tablespoon of sugar and rub it onto the lips mixing it well with the lip balm.
• The sugar particles will exfoliate the lips and while the lip balm will provide hydration.
Follow the steps every twice a week and you’ll be amazed how your lips will feel after the first application. Like face exfoliators are important similarly lip scrubs are important too.

Brown Sugar And Honey Lip Mask

Brown sugar is also a great way to treat the chapped lips and honey we all know how hydrating it is. You can make this lip mask and store it in a container for further use. All you have to do is-
• Take half a tablespoon of brown sugar and add one tablespoon of honey to it.
• Mix the mixture really well.
• Apply it onto the lips and gently rub it for about 5 minutes. After rubbing the mixture keep it for about 15 minutes.
• Rinse the mask with the help of lukewarm water.
Repeat the steps every once a week.


Last but not the least if you are dealing with chapped lips make sure with the DIY lip mask you also constantly apply Vaseline onto the lips. Vaseline is a great solution for dry and chapped lips. And, we highly recommend using it regularly.

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