Picture yourself on the beach surrounded by pristine waters, sun in your face, a cool breeze making your hair sway and peace in your soul. It’s that time of the year when you throw away your regular clothes and get into comfy pyjamas at home and sexy swimsuits at the beach. You’re all time ready to go for a stroll on the beach or jump into the swimming pool. Now fashion is not just about the clothing we wear when going out for brunch or dinner. It has extended roots to the glamour of those innerwear outfits that can be flaunted at particular places outside. Yes, we’re talking about the swimsuits that flaunt your curvy body in such a sexy way that you feel incredibly comfy all day in the pool. Every year we have this resolution of working out and lose weight to rock that summer body at some point. Let’s have a look at a variety of swimsuits to tame your fashion hunger.


One piece is the most timeless swimsuit of all times and has a very vintage look to it. Women with inverted triangle shaped bodies should be happy for this creation as they can flaunt it in panache. The material of course is very soft to keep you comfortable all day because it is fitted right from the chest to the hips. This one surely flatters the body and is best for women who don’t want to flash too much skin, have curvy lines or tummy pouch. They should also avoid going for stripes. Deep shades like mauve, blue and black are best choices.


A bikini with a skirt! Yes you heard us right. Too shy to wear and popular bikini combination but still want to get into those babies? Well get yourself a skirtini then! A skirtini is the perfect combination of a bra and skirt giving a very kittenish look best for pool parties. With this, you can show off your girly side because of the skirt feature attached to it. This covers up your hips and a bit of your thighs so it’s not very bold enough to make you feel shy. Bes for pear-shaped bodies, this will bring an illusion of thinner thighs. Pick tribal or polka patterns to stand out in the crowd.


Long swim dress is a very elegant and ladylike swimsuit for those who want to look elegant and not show off their body. It’s like a dress in the form of a swimsuit. The fabric used is the same like other swimsuits but the look is of a dress so it covers the body down till the knees. It also has soft padding for breast support.  It’s very unique and gives out flirty vibe at the same time. Best for women with heavy bottoms. Pick a v-neck style or sweetheart neckline to draw attention at all the right places.


What a sexy name for a swimsuit! Bandeau is actually something in a band form and comes not only in swimsuits but headbands also. The style is everywhere. They reflect a very tropical-tribal look with the right summery prints, colour blocks and neon shades. Women with lighter busts can definitely pick this one because it would hold grip and easy to carry all day at the beach. Bandeau looks very sexy and shows a zesty side of yours. Avoid going for a mix match style and pick similar patterns for upper and bottoms for a balanced and attractive look.



Leg suit as the name suggest are a figure hugging style of swimsuits that would suit all the leggy lassy women. These are perfect for hourglass bodies and also women with long legs to look really cool at the beach. This fashionable piece is best for aerobics as well. It covers your body entirely till the knees or till he ankles, howsoever you prefer. Try buying them with backless styles to show your charismatic side and adding a dash of style. Patterns like cross back or racer back also bring a sensual touch tot the suit and look flattering.


A bikini with an overtop for the thrilling factor is this three-piece bikini set. Want to look cool and fabulous at the beach? Pick this one right now! When you want to flaunt some skin but don’t want it to go right at everyone’s direct attention, this will look absolutely modish. It is a very innovative and versatile outfit for all those who don’t want to bare it all. Every body type can wear this one! Boho prints, florals and polkas are surely trend-setting.

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