With the right shoes, you can go places. And speaking literally, you actually have to go places everyday and of course you cannot wear the same boring shoes on repetition. Unless you stay home most of the time, it’s likely that you have to wear different shoes with different outfits to glam up new looks and recreate the old ones. The designers of shoes have responded with shoes for every occasion and even those who have no craze for buying them tend to get influenced because they are oh-so-attractive! All those women who have hundreds of pairs, we want to tell you that you’re right.  Just when new trends come in, others make a swift exit from the fashion world and shoes are no exception. Styles come and go so we’ve enlisted the ultimate approved shoe trends right now to step up your shoe game.

In recent times, we have seen a slight shift from skinny stilettos and preference towards blockier heels. A lot of platforms and flats with rubber soles were spotted. Sneakers are again so much in trend and designers have found a different way to show off shoes like never before!


As the name suggests style yourself in these classy pieces this season. Brogues originally were specified as masculine beauty i.e men’s formal shoes but now these have been improvised to style according to women needs, thus sulking all the women out there. Beyond perfect for formal wear, wearing these won’t be dismay at all and trust me; everyone would be envying your look. All those women who have a zeal for trying and experimenting with their wardrobe, this are for you, we know you can slay in these adorably!


There are so many varieties in sandals and this one is for sure a cool chic style to show off! These ones are inspired by ancient Greece. Gladiators usually have a super flat sole and straps to cover the entire foot and half a leg to give a cage-like look. It comes in bold colour classic patterns for regular wear or with tassels and frills for the coolest beach look. You can wear them with a-line skirts, shorts or off-shoulder dresses. A beach vacation in incomplete without these types of shoes and is sure to transform your look from drab to fab.


Court shoes have a low cut front which aligns itself to the rest of the shoe. They have a very little heel base and are best suited for casual lunch dates or formal meetings. All the working women who need to be comfortable all day and also slay in style need these babies for sure. They showcase a sense of style and also do not tire you running all day at work because the heel is not that big. This feature aids the stylist in you and won’t kill your feet from dusk to dawn. They usually come in sober colours like beige, nude pink, black or brown-which go with everything.


Oxford heels are more than formal. They come with laces thus giving a mixture of two looks in one shoe. Such heels are not only attractive but are very comfortable also. Surprised? It’s true! Try wearing them once and you won’t let them go. Solving your purpose of dressing formally and comfortably together-these are tailor made just for you. Jeans clubbed with a tank top will also look really trendy with these heels.


Chelsea boots are elasticised from either side for slipping easily into them without having to waste much time. They have a really tight grip and soft fabric to pull from the back. They have such trendy looks and look best when jeans are cuffed up a little, thus giving a really fab look to a simple attire. You can definitely pick them for your travel and pair easily with casual day out clothes and formals- pretty much anywhere. Ankle stability, foot protection and ultimate grip are some of the key features of these boots. It’s a must have for winter destinations.


Scarpin shoes are designed with really high heels and pointed toes. The look is so exclusive and designer that you would want to flaunt them all day. But you can’t because walking might be a pain in them. Other than that looking drop dead gorgeous in them is guaranteed. Stilettos are avoided by many because of thin heels and less grip. If you’re one of them then you should know that these are even thinner than stilettos. Why not give a try though? Jeans and crop top, skirts and tee- can be fruitfully styled with these heels.


Last on the list but not the least, mules are absolutely without a back support. But they are undoubtedly much more comfortable than flip flops. Very light weight and a delight to the eyes, you can carry this comfort with you to any vacation. They look best with tunics and jeans, formal shirts. Just pedicure your nails and flaunt them with this beauty everywhere.

Walk and flaunt in style!!

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