Signet Rings That Speaks To Your Personality

Signet Rings That Speaks To Your Personality

Having a classic piece of signet rings in your collection is a must for every woman. It can be your everyday jewelry or a classic piece to be worn on certain occasions. Now, how can you differentiate that the ring has to be everyday or occasional? Firstly, to decide when to wear this ring you need to decide on the size of the ring. If it is a small ring then you can probably wear it all year long but when you get a big round signet it is to be worn alone on special occasions. Since we are discussing the size of the ring, let’s discuss the shapes of the rings that one can purchase.
Majorly you can find six to seven shapes in these rings but we will discuss the four types rest all are somewhat the same and can be counted in a similar shape.


An oval us a slightly thicker and the most preferred choice of the signet lover. It is because it is durable and gives you ample space to work with your designs. Now, the shape can look really pretty with the initials of you and your loved one, or you can get your initials on it along with your surname. These shapes look extremely pretty with the wreath borders and have the initials in the center. Otherwise, there are people who like to get the ancients symbols engraved on their rings. But these can make the ring look stuffy if there is too much detailing on a small piece of the ring and as I told earlier big rings are meant to be worn occasionally.


Round looks perfect for both men and women. Especially if you have thick fingers then round is the best shape for you. Some people chose to get an infinity sign in these round shapes and a few like to have a flower or animal that represents their actual taste or self. Such as a figure of a lion is usually preferred by the men, or a sign of horse and the initials are always there. You can go for authentic designs such as the symbols of the earlier empires etc.


Somewhat rectangle like this type of ring is preferred by both genders. If you are planning on getting a ring that will last a lifetime then wearing a patterned ring will be your choice. Well, this ring design is lead to the time when kings and queen don’t have the signatures but the seals as their signature. Literally, you can get anything on this classy shape basically any designs that you feel belongs to your family or has some sort of meaning to it can be done over it. Make sure you choose the correct sign after understanding the meaning of it. Besides that these rings look beautiful when paired with a single sleek band. If you love a stone than getting a stone in these shapes can be something authentic. People tend to get the symbol of the third eye over this shape it really looks pricy and defined. You can choose anything you like in this shape that will compliment it best.

Heavy Curve Square

This design is by far the latest designs of this century. People in the Victorian age felt the love for this shape and if you are in love with the Victorian lifestyle then you should defiantly try out this shape. It is obviously related to you. Basically, the engraving on the ring makes it a signet ring but you can always choose to engrave some stones like diamonds along with your initials on it. If you want to give it a slight vintage touch then you can oxidize the jewelry. Otherwise, if you visit the old established store you can find the vintage jewels in these. An infinity sign looks cool on it and is the appropriate choice because this type of ring is itself a timeless piece.

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