Sneaky reasons that might be causing makeup meltdowns

Sneaky reasons that might be causing makeup meltdowns

Your makeup is one thing that can either work wonders for you or it can completely ruin the way you look. And no girl would like to encounter the latter part. However, due to some mistakes of ours, the makeup starts melting off, on which we all spend hours to get it right and perfect. Mistakes tend to happen when you are a beginner with very minimal makeup knowledge or making it unknowingly. But if you have been making these mistakes knowingly then you are doing no good to yourself or your makeup. While you can put the entire blame on the humidity or constant sweating but this theory may work beyond what you think.
Keeping the summer humidity and sweating aside, there can be some other reasons that are causing makeup meltdowns and you have a major role to play in this. To help you figure out what’s probably causing your makeup to melt off, we have put together a list of a few sneaky reasons that might be the reason that this thing keeps happening to you every single time.

Getting ready in a hurry

As much as we would like to pat you on your back for always managing to get ready on time for your office or college every time, this could also easily be one of the reasons why your makeup starts to come off so quickly. If you are thinking how getting ready in a hurry has anything to do with your makeup meltdowns, then to put it out clearly, the most important step of your daily routine is your skincare regimen and the products need at least 5 to 10 minutes to completely get absorbed into the skin. Putting the makeup right after applying your skincare products won’t allow your makeup to stay in place. Eventually, it will start coming off soon after.

Using the wrong technique to apply makeup

Makeup is no joke and you cannot put it in just any random order or the way you like. There’s always the right way and technique of applying certain makeup products to see the desired results. It’s crucial to follow the right makeup application technique and by getting it wrong, you will only be pushing your makeup to come off sooner. For example, when applying a liquid foundation, always put it on your skin using a brush or makeup sponge. Using your hands to apply the product will transfer the heat and oil from your fingers to the skin which will result in your makeup melting off.

Using old makeup

We understand that getting rid of your makeup products is not an easy thing to do but not any of them is worth putting your skin at risk. No matter if you have run out of a certain product or feeling tempted to put on your old makeup, you should always avoid using these products for the sake of your skin. If you see any makeup product of yours that has started to fail the long-lasting test, it’s time that you check its expiration date. The older the makeup products, the less efficient they become, and the more they will be damaging to your skin.

Touching your face very frequently

Touching your face frequently is one of the worst habits you could be having at the moment. Just like your hair starts to appear greasy the more you touch it, your skin could also turn very greasy which works negatively against your makeup. Your hands produce a lot of heat and oil during summers and constantly touching your face is eventually going to transfer them to your skin and eventually causing your makeup to break down and melting off. Also, constantly touching your face will transfer the bacteria to your skin which can result in nasty acne.

Not using a primer

When it comes to makeup, every other product is different and important in its own ways and none of them should be taken for granted. Primer is one of those products that are often overlooked and not many women incorporate it into their makeup routine. This one mistake can result in makeup meltdowns. Yes, you heard that right! A primer has a major role to play in your makeup routine and it helps in keeping your makeup to stay in place all day long. A primer forms a barrier against the oil and protects your makeup from getting in contact with natural oils produced by your skin.

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