Statement pieces to create ever-lasting impressive looks

Statement pieces to create ever-lasting impressive looks

Shopping always goes overboard and it results in robbing our wallets every time. All these pieces that we pick during our shopping spree, they are meant to create the ultimate style statement. This style statement is supposed to be the best in our capacity because all of us want to look like a fashion diva and impress everyone around us. Thus, the next time you go shopping, remember to pick those pieces that are far away from the mainstream and are also worth the money. Those pieces that can be easily mixed and matched with multiple outfits should be picked for your collection. Some of the most exquisite styles have been listed below that are a great buy. You won’t regret buying them and will continue to flaunt them for years to come!

Vintage Florals

With so many florals and prints to choose from, we have picked the most gorgeous piece ever curated. These vintage florals are the most incredible piece of apparel because they have this undying charm to their curation. With all the possible prints ever found in the fashion line, this vintage floral print is something worth buying. You can never bid goodbye to florals and vintage florals showcase the extreme poise of florals. They are a closely-knitted print of garden flowers together in vivid and neutral colors. You can continue to rock these garden botanicals even if they are reinvented into a darker version. Pick such vintage prints in puffed up sleeves for the most flattering outfit.

An Everyday Bustier

Looking for something that will make you stand out from the crowd? Well, then this is it. A sexy bustier is all you need. As the name suggests, this kind of clothing is supposed to accentuate your bust and make it look fuller. It also highlights the body curves and perfectly showcases your figure in the best possible way. With so many colors and fabrics to choose from, we will pick the classic lace style bustier for you. This one has the utmost charm to it because of the classy and elegant lace fabric. A catchy bustier top represents a nice balance between casual and sophisticated and that is why it is a great pick for lunch as well as night parties. It gives an elevated look to the upper body and that is exactly a style statement.

A pistachio pleated skirt

We could have picked any color from the color spectrum but it wouldn’t have done justice to the style statement that you wish to create for yourself. This pleated skirt in a pistachio color is the best thing you can have for your wardrobe. If there is any color that does justice to bright as well as pastel shades, it is green. And a pistachio shade in green is something absolutely timeless. Such a beautiful shade in green is more flattering than any other color. Moreover, the idea of pleats adds even more to the look. This classic look can be picked for formal, business and casual parties because you can literally pair all kinds of blouses with it.

Lug sole boots

Talking about statement pieces, it is imperative to pick some accessories that have a dash of vibrancy to them. These accessories include bags, boots, jewelry and some tidbits here and there. We have picked lug boots for the utmost style because they are far away from the mainstream and that is our ultimate goal. To pick those pieces that can create a style statement with their uniqueness. A lug sole pair of boots is a must-have. Made of rubber and deep grooves to provide a solid grip to the feet, they look familiar to platforms. They have been referred to as hiking boots because of the platform style as well as the solid sole. The look is gorgeous and can be picked in a lot of colors from white and black to all the possible bright colors.

A leather clutch

If you thought leather is supposed to be picked in boots and apparel alone, then we proved you wrong. The best way to flaunt leather is to pick it in accessories like bags as well. These leather bags look so stunning that you have no idea about it. You would love this leather clutch in fancy styles and rock the diva look. This clutch will come out to be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Pick it right away and create an ever-lasting impressive look for yourself.

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