Step by Step guide to create dewy makeup look

Step by Step guide to create dewy makeup look

Makeup is an art that requires quite a lot of practice and learning to get the perfect hang of it. While it’s not typically rocket science but it definitely isn’t the easiest thing to learn either. For one to be able to become a complete pro at doing makeup, it’s extremely important to learn all the little things that can help you to create the most flawless look. And it’s almost every day that we keep seeing the new trends and looks on our feeds which definitely aren’t the easiest things to learn especially when you’re new to this beauty world. But that doesn’t mean you cannot try one of the looks that have been trending for all the right reasons. While there are plenty to name but dewy makeup look is something that deserves your attention at the moment because who doesn’t love to have skin that looks beautifully glowing.

When you have makeup by your side, you no longer will have to wait for the golden hour to hit your face and make your skin pop with all that beautiful glow. All you need to do is create a dewy makeup look and you can have that perfect glowing skin in no time. And for you to be able to create the look, we have formed a step by step guide for you from where you can learn all the steps that are required to create a dewy makeup look.


Prep and prime your face

The first and the foremost step of any skincare routine is prepping your face and you certainly cannot continue with your makeup until you have followed this step. Start with properly cleansing your face with a face wash that is suitable for your skin type. Follow it up with toning and moisturizing which will provide you a soft, smooth and even canvas to work on. Just make sure that all the products have properly seeped into the skin to ensure that makeup settles nicely on your face. You can then apply a primer on your face which will smoothen out your skin and will also give your face a nice blurry effect that will help your makeup to look more flawless and long-lasting.


Put on the concealer and foundation

Now the next step is to work on your base. Firstly you need to make sure that you have color corrected all the areas on your face that look uneven such as dark circles, acne marks, blemishes or any other imperfection. Make sure that you’re using the right shade of concealer for it to perfectly conceal the areas. You can follow it up by applying the foundation which also should be of the right shade. You can also mix your foundation with a few drops of face oil to add extra illumination to your face and make it look more glowy. Make sure to blend all the products using a damp beauty sponge to keep everything looking natural and even.



Highlighting your face is the most important step to follow in this makeup look. It is basically the key element to add just a perfect amount of shine and glow to your face without making it look blinding or harsh. Take a little amount of highlighter on your makeup brush and run it very lightly on your high cheekbones and other important areas of your face such as the tip of the nose and the top of Cupid’s bow. Make sure not to go overboard with a highlighter or else it may look very unnatural which is the last thing you want to happen.

Setting spray

Of course, we cannot forget this step which is our key to ensuring that the makeup won’t budge from its place for good long hours. Locking the makeup in place is not the only purpose of using a setting spray, it also does its bit to add extra illumination to your face and make it look glowy. However, just make sure that you’re using a setting spray with dewy or illuminating finish and not the matte one.

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