Sterling Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Neck

Sterling Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Neck

Do you suffer from the dark neck that restricts you from skin show? Well, then you have clicked on to the right feed. We all have our fair share of skin problems and dark neck is what majority of us suffer from especially in warmer seasons. Sun exposure, pollution, and excessive usage of chemically loaded lotions make our neck dark. It’s really annoying to see the major difference between our face and neck which restricts us from wearing anything deep and no matter whatever we try nothing just works, right?
We all pamper our skin, hands, and hair but neck is the most untouched part of our body. Like your face, your neck too deserves that extra care. Regular scrubbing, a rich slather of SPF before stepping out it’s the same as your face and thus should be treated the same. So, here are a few sterling and simple tips you can definitely try out if you are suffering from a dark neck. We are sure these tips would turn out to be a great help in getting rid of the dark neck. So, let’s get started and don’t forget to be consistent in following these tips.

Regular Scrubbing

Scrubbing is really important to get rid of dead skin that accumulates over the surface and restricts the natural skin from coming. The dead skin layer can be a major reason for the dark neck. Regular sun exposure and pollution just settles over the top layer of the skin so it’s really important to shed that topmost layer and for that matter, scrubbing is the key.
You can choose from natural scrubs or body scrubs available in the market anything would work. Just scrub your neck twice a week by exerting a gentle pressure.

Slather SPF

Sun exposure is the major cause of a darker neck. Like the harmful rays affect your face the same way they affect your every exposed part and we guess the neck is the most uncovered part of your body. Therefore, a rich slather of SPF is an absolute must. Before stepping out apply sunscreen the same way you apply to your face.
And for actual protection always opt for a broad spectrum ranging anywhere from 30-50. Don’t ever dare to step your home without the application of SPF. A ditch of SPF makes your whole skincare a waste.

Try DIYs

If the dark patches are really very huge you can definitely go for some home-made cures for the dark neck. You don’t have to use chemically loaded stuff to get rid of dark neck or hyperpigmentation over the neck. Rush to kitchen shelves to get hands-on amazingly magical ingredients that truly work. You can opt for lemon juice; apple cider vinegar, rice flour, and potato juice all these works really great in removing the darkness.
But make sure you are consistent with the remedy whichever you opt as nothing gives you instant results and to see results you have to use that regularly for some time.

Cover Your Neck

Another great tip from our side would be to cover your neck the way you cover your face when you step out in the sun. The scorching heat of the sun is really not good for your body so whenever you step out in sun make sure you cover up all your visible parts including your neck to prevent further darkening.

So, these were a few easy and simple tips that would work amazingly well to get rid of the dark neck. We hope the feed would turn out to be a great help.

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