Stunning ways to make the most of your bronzer

Stunning ways to make the most of your bronzer

Who doesn’t love multi-functional items? And when it has something to do with makeup products, we are definitely all in for that, as it’s not only pretty convenient but also saves you extra bucks from spending all that money on buying different products. When you can easily make so much use from just one product why not utilize it the right way. There are myriad multi-purpose makeup products in the market, while everybody talks about blush, concealer and eyeshadow palette but there’s another great product that can serve more than just one purpose in your makeup routine. We are talking about bronzer which can be easily be found in every beauty lover’s makeup kit. It is one product with so many hidden talents that can take your beauty game to another level. And to get you familiar with all those uses, we decided to come up with this article where we have listed all different ways to use a bronzer in your makeup routine.


Instead of using a contour on your face, which can be a little too intense, you can use a bronzer to contour your face including your jawline, nose, cheekbones. This will instantly give your face a very sharp and defined look without looking too harsh. Since bronzer has a very warm hue to it, the product looks very natural and muted, making the product just perfect for everyday use. You can swap your contour with bronzer to add it to your everyday makeup kit and also to achieve a well-defined face in no time. Just make sure to use a contour brush to blend the product to give your face a flawless finish.

Use it as an eye shadow


For all the girls who love creating soft earthy eye makeup but have run out of their favorite bronze or copper eyeshadow, you can easily make use of a bronzer to do the trick for you. It can do double duty and can totally work as an eyeshadow. Take the bronzer on an eyeshadow brush and gently apply it all over your eyelids to create a soft earthy eye makeup. It will help you to create a very beautiful eye makeup without looking too harsh. Also, if you have a liquid bronzer then it will make for great liquid eyeliner too.

Highlight your collarbones

Who doesn’t love to show off their collarbone? Well, we believe every girl does. And when achieving those collar bones is as easy as applying just a makeup product, we certainly don’t think you will have to rely on gyming to achieve those sexy collar bones and make them look more prominent. A bronzer allows you to tastefully display your collarbone buffed with the gorgeousness of the shimmery product. It will instantly add a subtle glow to the top of your body and make you look more attractive. Take the product on a makeup brush and lightly buff the product over your shoulders and collar bones to highlight the areas. Just make sure to use a very little product or else it can look very harsh and muddy.

Create your own metallic lipstick

Metallic lipsticks are one of the hottest trends of the season. And we personally believe that it looks really sexy and flattering. While we agree that nude matte lipsticks look bomb and chic, but adding a metallic hint to it can look even hotter. Metallic brown lips are all that we see in the beauty world and we’re loving every bit of it. However, if you want to be completely sure before hopping on to the trend, then you can easily create your own metallic lipstick at your home to see if it works for you before finally purchasing a metallic lipstick. Firstly, apply your favorite brown matte lipstick all over your lips, then take your bronzer and lightly dab it over your lipstick. This way you can know if it works for you or not.

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