Oversized t-shirt is almost every girl’s favorite. It is super duper easy to carry and can be styled in numerous ways. Their versatile and super comfy looks allow you to create many different styles out of it. Such oversized t-shirts make for a great casual outfit which can make you look effortlessly stylish in no time. On days, where you don’t feel like dressing up, an oversized t-shirt will perfectly do the job for you. You won’t need to put in extra effort in order to create a chic outfit for yourself. Just make sure you are working it up the right way and there can be no one stopping you from rocking that super casual yet chic look. To guide you through some of the ways of wearing an oversized t-shirt, we have rounded up a list of some outfit ideas that you will love trying this season.

Wear it with a blazer

Oversized t-shirts are not only meant to be worn very casually. You can also dress it up a bit by adding a layer of blazer over it. It gives a very classy and laid back appearance which can be sported to many casual as well as semi-casual events, as blazer gives in a very formal and casual vibe at the same time. Opt for a blazer that belongs to the same color family as that of your t-shirt. For instance, a white t-shirt will go perfectly well with grey colored blazer. Tie a belt around your waist to elevate the overall look of your outfit. To create a more polished look, tuck in your t-shirt inside the bottoms.

Give it an off-shoulder look

Off-shoulder outfits definitely look super edgy and stylish. An over-sized t-shirt is a great option to try this style on, as it will help you to create a very chic and super cool outfit. The way these t-shirts hang loosely around the shoulder gives in very casual as well as comfy vibes. It is a great way of showing off your sexy collar bones and shoulders. Women who are leaner on the side can pull off this look very effortlessly. To add some definition to your silhouette you can tie a corset belt around the waist. Doing so will give your frame a very attractive appeal.

Make a knot

Another cool way of wearing an oversized t-shirt is by tying the front of the t-shirt in a knot, which looks extremely effortless and stylish. For that reason, it is one of the most loved styles amongst all the ladies. For all the girls who are tired of wearing their t-shirts in regular and mundane ways, it’s time you up your game and wear it in this incredibly amazing way. Much like any other style it also looks casual but it has certain edginess and appeal to the way it appears with different outfits. You can easily carry it over a skirt, jeans, shorts, and anything you like. Working up your t-shirt in this way is a perfect depiction of comfort and style.

Add a belt to your waist

For all the girls who aren’t a big fan of sloppy appearance, this is the style for you to try next. We know how accessories play an important role in elevating the look, and here also it plays an important role in the form of a belt. It is a perfect way of styling your oversized t-shirt. Belts help in giving your frame some shape and add definition to it, which further gives your silhouette a very attractive appeal. Black colored belts are the most preferred and reliable pieces. However, you can also choose to go with different color to add some contrasting effect to your outfit.

With casual pants

There’s another great way of dressing up your oversized t-shirt and that is by wearing it with casual pants. This outfit is an excellent choice that offers both comfort and style. You can pair it up with favorite pants of yours and you will be good to go with your super comfy yet cute day time outfit. Keep the look simple by not over-accessorizing it. Finish off the look by wearing sneakers with it.


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