We have observed marvelous styles on the streets and white blazer is one of them. Gone are the days when a white blazer was just meant for office wear or formal occasions. Today, it has become street-chic wear and can update your look in ways you can’t even think of. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to wear it casually or formally, it is sure to add glam to your outfit and make you look super fabulous. We won’t call it an everyday wardrobe staple but it is definite wear for those outings where you want to do something unique with your dressing sense. So this is certainly a must-have closet piece that every woman needs to own. You can try some looks from the ones we have mentioned below and get going!


This one sounds just so cute. This outfit is just perfect for those warm-weather dates when you want to feel comfortable while battling the cold but also want to be fashionable. A layer of a blazer on top will finish off the look like a pro with anything! Whether it’s a lunch date or glam night, dress up in a cute ribbed skirt with a white blazer and get in those high heels. A clutch purse will be perfect to carry along. If you don’t want to do much, just wear your low-key sneakers or tall boots and be casual in your attire. This one won’t disappoint you and will definitely turn heads around as you walk.


The most streamlined and sophisticated outfit is a pant and a blazer. It looks elegant and polished-perfect for formal parties and business meetings. But you can always look edgy by moving things here and there and mismatching a bit. Wear a nice set of pleated pants with a contrast crop top and layered blazer. Sounds nice? This trendy style will not be limited to just formal wear but will become your go-to look. This is one of the looks that can be styled in so many different ways using accessories. Pair a leather bag and colored sunglasses to add a rock & roll vibe to your look.


The famous black & white look! Any color can break the monotony of a whole black outfit but with white, it’s something different. It can never grow old as it adds visual interest to your look. With a set of black pants and tee, over layer with a white blazer and see the wonders it is capable of doing. You can also wear a black cowl neck or turtle neck sweater beneath the blazer for ultra-sophistication. This one is perfect for dinner outings because black is the color of the night and can never go wrong. With a white blazer and a great pair of scarpin heels, slay this look!


Of course! This formal pant-suit style for women in white is an all-time favorite look just with a dash of white. Pantsuits are so much back in trend so why not jump in? You can either pair slim matching pants or even flared pants for an edgy look. This is sure to impress your clients for its serene look and make your co-workers envious. You can pick waterfall blazers over well-fitted pants as well. But you need to be very careful with this one because it’s white and one tends to show body curves in light colors. A black blazer suit is timeless but a white suit is classic and trendy so just go for it.


You were floral dresses, mini dresses, and even shirt dresses. But have you ever worn a blazer dress? If you haven’t yet then now you should! A blazer dress looks very sexy and elegant as we have seen it on the street. It’s short and mostly above the knees so there is too much skin at display. Pick a double breast blazer or a peplum blazer dress in white and pair it with contrast color pumps in red or yellow. This will be your way to go for those light winter lunches as it is very comfortable and stylish at the same time.


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