Animal prints are one of the hottest trends of the season, and it has been on the trending list for a while now. Quite honestly, we are loving them, and all the rave and ongoing craze for animal prints is the living proof of their popularity. They are undeniably the most attractive, gorgeous, and eye-catching piece of fabric that can never fail to grab the attention with its bold and beautiful appearance. You can easily make a statement by incorporating just a single element of animal print into your look, and it can be anything, varying from accessories to clothes, every single piece holds the ability to make you stand out from the crowd. There are so many animal prints that are making their way into the fashion world, some of the most trending and popular choices are snake print, leopard print, cheetah print, zebra print, etc. However, not styling them the right way can easily make you look tacky in no time, and in order to prevent that from happening, you should know the correct way of wearing animal prints. When styled the right way with the right pieces, they can actually turn out to be the most amazing and fabulous looking outfits. Designing them can become a little easy if you know a few tips and tricks to ace the animal print look. And we are here to help you through that only, take some cues on how to style animal prints, and you will ace all the animal print looks.

Work it up with denim pieces.

Both denim and animal print are extremely versatile and universally flattering pieces. These two together make for a really strong team and look really amazing together if styled the right way. Wearing denim pieces with animal print outfits helps in creating a really casual yet effortlessly stylish look. You can team them up together in a number of ways. From wearing a chambray shirt with an animal print skirt to wearing an animal print coat with jeans and a t-shirt, you can do it all.

Wear it with leather pieces

Apart from denim, leather pieces also go amazingly well with animal prints. These two together help in creating a strong and edgier look. And when it comes to the color, black will always prove to be the most classic and elegant choice, which you can never go wrong with. Some leather pieces like a leather jacket, pants, the skirt look beautiful when paired with animal prints. It also helps in balancing the bold look of the print and makes it appear a little elegant on the side.

Pair it up with black or white pieces

To break the monotonous look of the animal print piece, layering it up with some neutral colors is a great and effective way to tone down the wild appearance of the outfit. White or black colored pieces are timeless and excellent options to team up with animal print clothes. They help in breaking the bold effect of the look and make it appear very chic and trendy at the same time. Some other neutral colors can also go perfectly well with animal print pieces, such as black, brown, white, and grey, as they blend with the animal print effect very effortlessly.

Add some color to it with solid colors.

Playing safe with the outfits is not at all a bad thing, especially if you are new to trying the animal print style, then going a little safe with bright colors can prove to be the safest and smartest option for you. For instance, carrying an animal print coat over a solid colored dress can make for a great outfit. You can experiment with some bold and bright colors to add some classy effect to the look.

Add animal print accessories to your look.

Adding accessories is a great way to spruce up the look. Be it your bag, shoes, hair accessories, or jewelry, teaming them with up with everyday look is a smart and effective way to give your outfit a fresh and chic appearance. This trick will also work if you are new to this animal print style and find it a little daunting to experiment it, playing with accessories is a great start. Carrying animal print accessories such as scarf, shoes, and bags with your simplest outfits can make you grab all the attention, and that is the actual power of this animal print style.

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