Tops are the most favourite apparel for every woman of any age; after all they are the most sought-after garment to think of. Tops are simple and stylish with the power to make anyone look from drab to fab. Whether it is a formal top or a casual tee, everything has its own style and it would be an understatement to say that they are a crucial part of any attire. From college going girls to corporate women, everyone has their own requirement and style to show, so tops have been designed in a variety of fashionable colours, prints and patterns. Every season has a couple of fabrics to come with and some are trans-seasonal. Keeping in mind that each top goes with a particular set of bottoms, you can have a variety of sets for dressy, casual or formal looks.

Here are some of the most stylish designs that we have handpicked for you to make you look beyons gorgeous.


Any basic top with a hint of curve on the hem line is this particular top. With so much alteration in designs and trying out everything out of the blue, how could unusual cuts and slits not be a part of the trend? Such asymmetric waistlines reveal your midriff and are ideal for teens and model figure women who love to flaunt their bodies. It is very comfortable to wear because of loose grip at the waistline and also gives an illusionary shape to the body thus separating the torso from the legs. They are made in loose fabrics for comfort and can make you look extremely careless and stylish.


Crossovers usually come in v-necklines and a collar to flaunt your skin elegantly. They appear to be wrapped in the front and thus fit perfectly with your body. Usually tailored in a flowy material, it’s totally ideal for summers and spring. They can be bought in stripes, solid colours or prints as well. The tip is to match them with a pair of comfortable trousers or a pencil skirt and flat sandals for the go-to semi-formal look. Those who love to wear their attitude on the sleeve will love this style and keep their attire sky-high.


The name shows how elegant this style looks. Crochet is something beautifully knitted with a broad neckline to highlight the collar bone. Just a like a sister to lace tops, the fabric of crochet tops is thicker and has a longer shelf life. They are ultra-feminine and very delicate. The tip is to wear a crochet top with contrasted or same colour inner, just how you wish to sport the look. Wear them with trousers or shorts to win over anyone. Loose curls with this top are a hit!


As the name suggests, noodle strap tops have an ultra-thin strap with a very deep neckline to flaunt. The women who have a smaller breast line can flaunt this comfortably while others might need to wear a slip. It is a very stylish blouse showing too much skin and clings to the body all over with no sleeves. They can be worn on summer beach vacations, relaxed holidays, casual lunch dates with denim shorts or leggings. This one would need extra accessorizing to give a cool chic vibe. You’re set to win the game with this stunning blouse.


Ideal for the beginning of winters; because it’s a mixture of top and a sweater. It’s just the right pick for the season where one wants to keep themselves warm without compromising on style quotient. These tops come in thick woollen fabric or faux woollen with a piece of cotton hanging below to give a shirt-cum-sweater kinda look. They look very graceful and casual because of the blend of two styles. It’s great for chilly outdoor winter parties when you feel the chills yet not freezing cold. Pair them with black trousers and tie hair in a bun.


Now this one might look casual but has a hint of intricate work to it. At the neckline, it shows off a necklace kinda style to attract attention and a ruffle at the centre for puffed up look. With flowing fabric, this is ideal for beaches, parties, lunches, small get-togethers and what not. These are usually paired with mini-skirts or wide shorts to draw attention to the chic style. Wear it with a beautiful bottom and you’re ready to conquer the world.

There are hundreds of styles out there so it’s important to choose the right one according to your body type. These above picked unique styles will fit best for all your occasions and are a must-have for ready to go fuss free attires. Be trendy always!

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