Summer trends that are uber cool and comfortable

Summer trends that are uber cool and comfortable

It’s very rare for trends to follow a perfect blend of comfortable and cool looks. And when such trends are introduced in the fashion world, you should waste no time to invest in such pieces that will do much more than serving some stylish looks. Fashion is not just about wearing trendy pieces that only concentrate on the looks for the most part, but it’s also about the comfort that is an equally important thing to have in all your fashion staples. Trends are a huge part of the fashion world; they keep getting introduced in different forms every new season. And this summer, it’s all about the basic staples that are being introduced with interesting detailing that help to add extra oomph to the pieces.
While all these pieces may feel super easy and comfortable to you but they also happen to be super chic that will add the right amount of flair to all your summer looks.

Swimsuits as top

Wearing your favorite swimsuit as a top is possibly one of the best trends you can try this summer. It is not only one of the comfiest ways to dress yourself up but it’s also pretty convenient and practical since you can use your swimsuit top both ways. Wearing a swimsuit as a top not only allows you to feel your comfiest best but it also adds extra oomph to your outfit and makes you look like a sexy diva. You can easily carry it off with one of your denim, shorts, skirts, or even under your suit for that matter. You can find so many swimsuits that you can totally slay as a top.

Padded muscle tee

Muscle tee is one of the coolest tees any girl could have in her wardrobe. It is definitely a more modern and stylish take on classic t-shirts that can work incredibly amazing with so many different looks. No matter how you choose to style it or what you pair it up with, this padded muscle tee will add oodles of drama and cool element to even the simplest outfit. Muscle tee has definitely some drama going around it which can work positively for all your looks ranging from casual to formal.

Chunky slides

When it comes to staples, you certainly cannot do without your footwear. And summer season offers some of the most comfy and cute shoe options that will help to add more style to your outfit and make it look more summery and chic. While chunky slides might not seem to be the coolest shoe option to you at the moment but believe us, they are going to be everywhere this summer. And they are nothing like their previous version; current chunky slides are a lot cooler with buckled straps and thick soles.

Tube tops

Tube tops are the most ultimate throwback piece you can consider investing in at the moment. They are here to stay for long so you can easily rely on these pieces for a good long time. Not only they are the most perfect foundation layering piece to carry under your blazers or sheer clothes but they are also one of the comfiest pieces that you can own in your wardrobe. Whether wearing it underneath a blazer band simply wearing it with jeans, tube top is that versatile piece that can be worked up in any way you like.

Linen button-down

When shopping for summers, it’s very important to take the material or the fabric of the cloth into consideration. With summer comes a lot of heat and humidity which can make you feel very sweaty and icky. This is why you should consider investing in fabrics that are not only light but breathable as well such as linen button-down. Linen button-downs are currently the talk of the town and busy dominating our feeds. Among all different options, collared button-downs are the most popular ones.

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