Surprising ways to use makeup primer

Surprising ways to use makeup primer

While we have an endless number of beauty products in our vanity that we are truly thankful for existing, there are a few of them that we just cannot do without. The world of makeup is incredibly vast, and each product promises to serve an excellent purpose, and one such amazing product that has won us over big time is a primer. We believe, most of you beauty junkies would agree with us on this part because it is one of the best things to have happened to us. No amount of appreciation would truly be able to explain how we feel about this product and how it has changed our makeup game drastically.
Given all the amazing things it is capable of doing, you have to have this product in your makeup kit, and it will do wonders for you every single time. And as the saying goes “best things come in small packages”, this certainly stands true for a primer, which comes in an array of options- designed for skin’s different needs. In addition to filling in the pores, a primer also smoothens your skin out, making the application of makeup products a lot easier. This wondrous product can be used in a lot of other ways as well, and if you are curious to know about them, keep reading the article below.

Helps in mattifying your makeup

Achieving matte makeup has been made a lot easier ever since we have been introduced to a matte primer. And the most usual way to apply primer is to use it before you apply your makeup. However, there’s another way to prevent your makeup from becoming a greasy mess or melting after a few hours, and for that, you will need a primer. Instead of wearing primer under your makeup, apply it over your makeup, and it will keep the oiliness at bay. Primer is basically a gel-form powder; you can buff it over your makeup to keep the extra shine in check and the base to appear matte.

Create a tinted moisturizer

On days, when you don’t have the mood to wear a full face of makeup or just want to keep things light, you can use a tinted moisturizer to apply on your face. And the best part is you don’t have to buy a tinted moisturizer; you can easily create one at home by using a primer and your foundation, sounds wonderful, right? Take a tiny amount of primer and add two to three drops of foundation to it, mix them together, and create a tinted moisturizer for yourself. Apply it to your face and neck, and it will make your makeup look more skin-look and natural.

Fix makeup mistakes using a primer


The amazing qualities that makeup primers hold can certainly leave you surprised, and this quality is one of them. Fixing makeup blunders is one of its amazing features and make sure you use this trick the next time you end up making any mistake. For instance, if you have put on too much blush or there’s excess eyeshadow fallout, instead of doing your makeup all over again or wiping it all out, put your primer to good use and apply it over the areas that need to be corrected. Just make sure to blend the product nicely, and it will fix the problem without ruining your makeup.

Makes your makeup long-lasting


Who doesn’t like their makeup to be long-lasting? We believe, we all do. And the best way to ensure that your makeup stays intact throughout the day is by applying makeup primer underneath your makeup. And after you are done applying primer, make sure to lock it in place by buffing lightweight translucent powder over it. This will ensure that your foundation won’t budge, and just don’t go overboard with translucent powder, keep it light.

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