The Best Way To Conceal Blemishes For A Flawless Coverage

The Best Way To Conceal Blemishes For A Flawless Coverage

A big event approaching and not so welcoming guest knocks your door, yes we’re talking about that big, fat zit. Well, this happens with all of us. We don’t know if that’s our excitement for the event that shows up on our skin or any hormonal imbalance that is sought to happen when there’s something huge to attend in the week.
Fortunately, we have those drying lotions that just dry out these pesky problems instantly but what about the everlasting blemishes the zits leave behind. Though, we don’t mind flaunting our flaws, do we? But, for the big events when the huge blemish can make you feel otherworldly and as if the whole world is staring at you, a cover-up is the only solution, and its time for our concealers to step ahead and do the needful.
It might sound very easy to cover-up the big blemishes but remind you it’s a bit tricky. If you conceal it incorrectly you might end up making it more visible than hiding. Here, is a simple and easy guide to conceal your blemishes in the right way. But, before heading towards the ideal steps let’s sort what all you’ll need.

• Favorite Foundation
• Green Color Corrector
• Concealer- one or two shade darker than your natural skin tone
• Setting Powder

Let’s get started!

Apply Your Foundation-

After you have prepped your skin with a moisturizer and primer, dot your foundation all over the face or as you apply your foundation normally. Foundations don’t cover up the pesky problems completely. They don’t necessarily provide a great blemish cover-up and foundations are mainly used just to provide an even skin tone and a bit of sheer coverage.
Once you’re done with your base let’s move ahead to some real cover-up.

Use A Green Color Corrector-

You all must be aware of the color wheel. Well, if not here’s our brief over it. Since your blemishes are awful red-colored, green is the color that cancels out the redness of your face. So, when you tend to cover-up red pimple marks go for a green color corrector.
Just apply over the affected area or spot which you want to hide and with the help of your fingertip gently dab and dab the product onto your skin. Remember, blending is the key!

Concealer Fix-

Just take your concealer and we hope you know the drill behind selecting the shade. Concealer can be used as a great cover-up and as a highlighter too. But, what to keep in mind is the shade you go for. Since we’re talking about blemish cover-up, so you should pick a concealer shade that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone.
No matter whether you have a high-end concealer or a drugstore one what matters is the technique you focus on. The best way to apply your concealer is with your fingers. Apply a dot of concealer on your targeted area and press gently with your fingertips in a tapping motion. Make sure that it should be a gentle pressing. When applying concealer never use your beauty blenders or sponge as they might soak half the product and thus not providing enough coverage.

Set All That at Place-

To make sure your concealer doesn’t budge around, set it with a setting powder. Setting your concealer is really important, for that throughout the flawless look.

Voila! You’re done with that bang on coverage and no more blemish skin just flawless you!

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