The Nail Arts for 21st century

The Nail Arts for 21st century

Thinking about Art make us wonder about the modern art in the 21st century. If we talk about Nail Art then, we will also think the same for the preceding year. Imagine all the abstracts of modern era reflected on a nails. Indeed the image is not pleasing. However, the comforting news is that these imaginations are just fiction, no reality. These paints are so extraordinary; you can wear them anywhere ranging from simple house party to your regular office without worrying. These ideas are so adequate that you can get them for any occasion.
You will be surprised to know about the collection, as it is based on the nail care. You will find that all these are not too Godey paints, rather simple transparent background with certain highlights. Indeed it means you will need a steady hand and proper brush for every style to end up with best outcome. Let’s learn about them:

• Modern Revolution

Modern Revolution as modern art involves abstract form; the style involves some dots and designs here and there on your nails. For sure you need not worry, because even if you spoil the art it will look like abstract. This design is indeed marvelous as you can move the brush in the desirable manner. However, if the outcome is not liked by you, you can always keep a clean brush with applied nail polish remover and paint it again.

• Stickers Paint

To paint your nails with stickers, you will need to apply a solid color on your pretty nails. Afterwards, you can choose any favorite sticker from the file of sticker palette offered to you by many nail paint enterprise such as color bar. Apply them using nail enamel, it will certainly add up to beauty of your nails. As an illustration, you may apply any nude color; now arrange some stickers with white or black paint on it. It will just look fantastic.

• Negative Or Sketch

Similar to sticker there are skeletons or negatives, which you can design as you like. All you need is to place these on your manicured nails and fill in the skeleton with the paint. Let it dry and remove it. Once, removed you may need to give furnishing to the edges. It is suggested that you keep a brush dipped in nail paint remover for the same.

• Skittles Manicure

Skittles Manicure is in popularity since previous year. Painting your nails with different color from the same family or different has been trending last year as well as this year. Thus, you need to arrange a group of colors which will appear just perfect on your nails. To know suitable color combinations you can surf on internet and look for a match that goes along with your taste.
• Cherry Red

Well there are many paints but without a doubt Red is prettiest of all. The cherry Red has been chosen as the most wanted color. All ladies have suggested this color to be perfect for any occasion an evening party or a day out for picnic. We surely are not denying the fact for it to be the best. Apply a coat let it dry and followed by another coat, if necessary.

• Pastel nails are another to be on trend in 2020. These colors are ranging from faded yellow to faded pink shades. People are meant to experiment with different combination on different hands. Try to use some soft shades with the dull ones. They might amaze you with the final looks.
• Another one appreciated is different mani on both hands. Since, we have two hands why not flaunt them with different style, you can chose to apply French manicure on one hand and other one can be a solid paint with stickers or may be sketch work. Well, these will definitely makes your nails attract in public.
There are various types of nail enamel suggested by us to you. Chose wisely for different occasions and be stunning as you are. Try them and let us know which suits you well.

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