The hairstyle is that particular thing in styling which can completely maintain or damage your whole outlook. Of course, our outfits represent our style but a proper haircut and style definitely speak much about our personality. Flaunting your style through hair is definitely more than the clothes as I have always found it the most significant way to get an attraction and be unique than the crowd of best and costly outfits. Imagine yourself standing on a windy road or on a mountainous peak, your hair is flying with the wind and that is something called style that how you tackle them. Isn’t it really amazing? I feel so delighted just have a visual of it. In 2018, there were many haircuts and hairstyle got popular and now 2019 is also an experimental year from the style and fashion point of view. I definitely know that haircuts should be matching to your jawline and face cut as well but there is nothing big deal in trying the style what you want for yourself. There are few hairstyles described here which have been so popular over a few time spans and you can also give it a trial for sure.

The Pixie Haircut: If you want to maintain your style with creating no hustle in your life then pixie would be the most relevant option for the trendiest ladies. According to a few latest surveys, it was found that 2019 is going to the year of pixie style haircut. If I have to choose this, I would definitely recommend this worthiest hairstyle for the working women and mothers as well. It is the style which is most easy to carry, easily manageable and least a mess for women having a very short time to get ready. Only a routine salon service can maintain it in the most effective style.

Trendy Jawline Bob Cut: Just go to your hair stylist and say him to give a cut to your hair starting from your jawline. Make it sure the stylist knows your face cut properly and give you the best cut. Keep your hair very small from the back and little long from the front, not much just one or two inches long from your ears. There go the most stylish women, what every lady wants to look alike. A muscular or the skinny face would get the most effect of this style. This has few other styles also like the shabby bob style, a little long blunt cum bob style etc. These can also be followed.

Mid Length Trending style: If your hair is in between the long and the short cut, I would really recommend a front seamless layer cut till the end. These layers can be given a heavy weightier look if the volume of the hair is not much or shabby puffing also. Say your stylist to keep the haircut in between the bob and mid-length with blunt style. Few small layers can be added in between to give a bouncy look to the thin hair in the same length of hair. You can try the messy hairstyle and the whole heavy curling as well in this particular length.

The Heavy curls: Curls can never be out of style at all till the fashion is there in women styles. I personally recommend heavy curling to much extent. The change with the style has come only in the way that these curling has got different styles. You can get any haircut but with the curls such as you can try the blunt curling, the Persian haircut style with curls. The chin level length but with the gradual layers till the back side would emerge as a perfect style.


Braids Style: All fresh look can be explored with the braids style especially the box braids. If you are tired of open hair, small haircuts then try it for an amazing experience. Braids would keep your hair tie and not for one day or one time you can keep it for long once tried. Hair is parted in square or triangle style and then braided from the roots. It is the latest style to adopt and carry very easily.

Be Trendy Always!!!


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