The ultimate J-Beauty Tips: Less is more!

The ultimate J-Beauty Tips: Less is more!

After reading and practicing so many beauty trends in the fashion world, we have come down to this latest beauty trend that is bound to give you flawless skin goals. The famous J-beauty has taken over the masses and there’s absolutely no doubt about it. J-beauty or Japanese beauty, as we know it, emphasizes on the fact that less is more. With little but religious effort, less product but the right application, one is able to achieve her goals. This just means that you need to be appropriate and consistent in what you do and you will be able to get that healthy and younger-looking skin. There is no typical science involved in the kind of steps you need to follow. They are as basic as you think them to be. All you have to do is pay attention to the technique and you are half done!

All the details regarding skincare, makeup application, eyeliners, lipsticks have been jotted down so that you know how the art of J-beauty works!

A 3-step skincare regime

The famous J-beauty is actually the most convenient of all. It does not stress the fact that one should follow a long skincare routine involving a lot of steps. Applying product after product on the face is not skincare in their books and that is why they curated the motto- Less is more. Nothing more nothing less. This 3-step skincare routine is basically all about cleansing, hydrating and protecting the skin from all the possible impurities, dust and dirt. Therefore, it believes in using fewer but powerful formulas. This 3-step skincare regime includes gentle cleansing of the face, deep hydration, and a sun protectant. This should be done thoroughly in the morning as well as at night before sleeping and that’s about it. Also, J-beauty doesn’t stress the use of sheet masks every day. Using one effective mask in a week is enough.

Matte and Sparkly makeup

The best thing about J-beauty is the kind of makeup looks they create. With the idea of helping you glow just from a distance, J-beauty makes sure that you are noticed even when you don’t wish to. And this happens with a flawless base and sparkly touch on top. The J-beauty foundation technique involves using a formula that gives you a matte finish without any lines and wrinkles on the face. This makeup makes your face look even and thus adds to the flawless finish. You can pick anything from cream to stick to powder. Apart from this, the base should also be tinted with a touch of sparkly glow. This is made possible with a highlighter. The highlighter should be applied to key areas for an even-looking skin tone.

Thin stroke of eyeliner

J-beauty does not insist on applying different kinds of eyeliners- winged, curved, bold, smokey. Instead, they recommend using a light-colored eyeliner and even more thin line of the kohl for the perfect looks. They advise in keeping this eyeliner thin and subtle so that the face looks minimal in makeup. Maybe the idea behind all these facts is that they believe in the natural beauty of the person with minimal or no makeup at all. A simple stroke of shimmer eyeliner is a great option.

The blush application

One of the best things about J-beauty is that they pay attention to details and make sure that everything looks subtle and sweet. The ideology behind J-beauty is not to look bold and fierce. Instead, they concentrate more on looking charming and innocent. So, the application of makeup highly defines this ideology and thus, differentiates from the rest of the techniques. What sets J-beauty apart from the rest of the world is their way of applying blush on the cheeks. They do not insist on applying blush over the cheekbones while smiling and highlighting them alone. Instead, The blush is applied right below the eyes- the highest part of the cheek; in circular motions. This makes the woman look chubby and innocent instead of bold. The application of blush alone has the ability to transform anyone’s look.

Translucent Lipsticks

J-beauty does not support using bold colors and bright tones for the lips. Since the main idea is to look sweet, charming and innocent, bold colors cannot come in the picture. Instead, using translucent lipsticks is the thing. Colors like nudes, taupe, baby pinks, and light browns are the life of J-beauty. This makes the person look subtle and calm instead of bold and rebel. Also, the technique of applying this lipstick matters. The focus of the color is towards the center of the lips and less on the outside curves. A darker lip liner is also used to diffuse the shades together.

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