The unexpected makeup trends that will be huge in 2021

 The unexpected makeup trends that will be huge in 2021

Pretty much everyone is talking about the fashion trends that will be defining 2021, why should makeup trends lag behind. Since your makeup is one thing that can transform you from drab to fab in no time, how can we not talk about the latest makeup trends that will be huge in 2021? Every person is excitedly looking forward to 2021, considering 2020 was really crap, and we only got a handful of chances to actually wear makeup. While we won’t be giving you false hopes by saying 2021 will be a really good one or it will be a smooth ride, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your approach positive and a little bit practical. Masks might continue to be a part of our lives in the following year as well, but that’s doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your creative juices flowing.
Listed below are some of the makeup trends that are expected to be huge in 2021.

Smoldering eyeliner

Since face masks will continue to be used in everyday routine, eye looks will take the center stage. And if you plan on adding some fire and intensity to your look through your eye makeup, then you should probably give smoldering eyeliner a try. This eye look is expected to be pretty huge in 2021, and we don’t really need to tell you why. One of the best and quickest ways to make yourself appear more put together is by wearing a classic winged, wet-lined eyeliner. And the best part is you don’t have to restrict yourself to just black, you can use just about any color.

Colored mascara

Ditch your classic black mascara and wear a colored one instead to let your eyes take the center stage and do all the talking. This is your best chance to be a little playful with your eye makeup and come out of your comfort zone. You can find these mascaras in every possible formula and color. From blues and greens to browns and purples, there’s no dearth of colors where mascara is concerned. Simply swiping two to three coats of colored mascara across your lashes will add drama and spice to your look.

Longer and lifted falsies

Since most of the makeup trends revolve around eyes, how can we not mention falsies here? Longer and lifted falsies are expected to be everywhere in 2021. Even if you don’t want to purchase falsies, you have other alternatives to try such as getting a lash lift or extensions. No matter what treatment you choose to go with, they will be absolutely splurge-worthy.

Stained lip color

2020 Definitely wasn’t the year for our lips. Since our mouth regions hide under the mask, there is no use splurging in a myriad of lip products except for lip balms, of course, to hydrate our lips. But there are also times when you will be without masks such as zoom meetings, and for that, you can’t just be done with a lip balm only. To elevate your game, you need something that is bold and has lots of stamina. Take your favorite stain, apply it across your lips, and make sure to blot it in between every application. Using this application technique will not only stain your lips but will also make it smudge-proof.

Bold and bright eyelids

This is the best time to be experimental with eye looks and play up your eye makeup. In order to make your eyes the focal point of your looks, one of the best ways to draw a viewer’s attention is by using bold and bright eyeshadow colors to create eye looks. If you don’t feel comfortable creating bold and bright eye makeup looks, a colored eyeliner would do the trick.

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