Things you should throw away as soon as you turn 40

Things you should throw away as soon as you turn 40

Entering into a new age bracket can be quite a challenge because there are literally so many things to be careful about. Whether it is your clothing, accessories, innerwear and basically your overall style- everything needs to be in place perfectly. Most of the women feel that when they grow older, they don’t need to dress to impress. But that is certainly not the case. Yes, the fact that you should not pay attention to what people like and what they don’t is true but you should always dress impeccably so that you stay in the light for years to come.

As a matter of fact, everyone knows that when you’re 40, you should try and dress in a more elegant way. You obviously cannot flaunt that little dress of yours but that doesn’t mean that you cannot look stunning. There are a lot of pieces that you should ditch and stop wearing as soon as you turn 40. Pay attention to them and build your style.

Loud Colors

The first thing that you should ditch as soon as you turn 40 is a mix of loud colors that you have in your wardrobe. These loud colors will do nothing but highlight your flaws and body flab. Each and every person’s body is beautiful but all it takes is a little effort on your side to highlight your best side. Don’t rely on bold colors to make you look elegant and fancy because they might not be best at it. Instead, pick muted tones and neutral colors for the utmost poise and sophistication. Don’t be afraid to add colors to your more neutral wardrobe because they will save you from every occasion literally. Colors are great for a vibrant look but pick mid-toned colors. Ditch the bold ones and be a fashion diva in your 40s.

Ill-fitted Lingerie

Another thing that you need to do is keep track of is an appropriate fitting of your inner clothing as well. Lingerie is the foremost thing that helps you look poised and perfect in your figure. Any kind of ill-fitted lingerie will just make your expensive clothing look dull and lifeless. If you do not wear the right kind of lingerie, it reflects in your outer apparel. This is actually a thing so it is imperative to make sure you wear fitted lingerie- bras and undies. For a smoother look all over, invest in some great shapewear when you turn 40. This will give you a more refined body and will create an illusion of the perfect body without any loose skin and body flab. Therefore, pick the right size and make your body look flawless.

Low-rise denim

Low-rise denim was trendy a few years back but still, it was of no good even then. It is one of the styles that were trendy without a reason. This pair of low-waist denim is nothing but a flop. It never looked that flattering and it never can. So, when you are 40. you should simply ditch these low-waist jeans and make sure that you wear high-rise. The thing about high-rise denim is that it looks pretty in every possible way. It has the potential to make your body look more refined and in shape because of the high-rise curve features. The iconic and classic high waisted style is one of the most flattering because higher rises equal longer looking legs and that’s how one should look when they age.

Logo outerwear

The last thing you should wear when you turn 40 is outerwear with a bold logo and brand names. The thing about aging is that one should always look elegant and sophisticated. The best way to do so is by picking neutral and subtle designs in clothing so that you grab attention but in the most elegant style. The last thing a mature adult wants is to be grouped together with teens in today’s modern world. Portraying yourself as a walking billboard with bold brand names and logon in the front is the last thing you should do. Make sure your clothes don’t scream who and what are you wearing.

Anything Revealing

Pro Tip: You got it? Don’t flaunt it! This might turn out well for the teens but not for adults. Even if you are perfectly in shape, you should never wear something that is too revealing. Wear everything that makes you look stunning but not vulgar. Choose one area of your body to highlight and make sure you do that with minimal skin show off. Do not overdo it because anything revealing simply hurts the eyes of the world. Even if you are willing to show some cleavage, keep the hemline on the longer side to balance the outfit.

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