There are many ways to look stylish and modern which you can try at very less risk and cost but the thing is one should know to use the things in the most proper way. I personally believe that there is not the cost of things or your wardrobe matters but it is the style to carry those things that matter. Therefore, the way of carrying your style will show the coast of your outfits, accessories and makeup. Your accessories always add a grace to your beauty and compliment your outfits. Accessories must be chosen very wisely and adequate and should wear properly too. The matching style, the contrast one or the odd one anything can be paired to check out the fashion trend but the only thing is anything you try should be a style but not the act of joking. Among other all accessories for wardrobe or our outfit, the scarf is a very important one. Most of People use to carry scarf whether male or female but you can’t imagine that there could be so many styles to tie the scarf. Don’t worry, we are always here for our readers. The various styles of a tie a scarf have been given here.

The Necklace style: The necklace style in tying the muffler or scarf is very popular and most followed by adolescents and adults. It looks really very stylish and moreover, it is comfortable to carry as well. It is very easy to tie also while you just need to fold the scarf from the half towards its length. Then take the diagonal ends of it and tie a knot. Then put this tied scarf over the neck. I would look long of course therefore, give it a twist again and wrap another loop over the neck again. Here it comes the necklace style scarf giving you an all fresh look.



The French Wrap Style: French wrap does not mean it is a popular style among French people only but it is a style which is adopted by almost everyone following the easiest way to tying and wearing. It is not difficult to tie the French knot you just need to fold the scarf from its length and put around the shoulders. One loose end has to be put over and under the loop at the other end. Then take another end and do the vice versa. That’s All! it’s the style of wrapping French wrap. Look smart and elegant with your style.



Knotted Shawl Style: If you are lazy personality, can’t experiment much with new styles and love easy as well as the traditional cum modern combination in styles then this knotted shawl style is the perfect style for you to tie your scarf. You don’t have to do many things just you need to put the scarf on your shoulder in a traditional way then take both ends of the scarf and tie a tight knot at the very back of your shoulder. Keep it little high in the way that when you pull the fabric down it could cover the knot at your back. Very simple and stylish style it is to carry.



Classic Knot Style: There cannot be anything stylish than be classical in your choice. Sometimes classical is the trend followed for centuries. The same classical style is the style in tying the scarf. The most fabulous, easy yet stylish one. For tying this style, you would keep the scarf around the neck and take one side a little longer than the other. Take the longer end around the neck and release both ends to hang.



Braided Style: It is also another style to tie the scarf but a bit complicated and time-consuming. Young boys and girls’ loved choice style is really worth following. For adopting this style in the scarf, you need a little long scarf than the usual one. Put the scarf around your neck and then tie a half knot but loose at the ends of the scarf. Put the right end of the scarf, cross over the left and then put it in the loop at the other end. Now take the left end and do the vice versa. Keep on repeating this until the ends are too short to loop.



Be Trendy Always!!!

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