Soft luscious lips are a big turn on for anyone because pink lips always look attractive and compliment your beautiful smile as well. The beauty of your face is highlighted with pink lips and it is always a delight to watch someone with attractive features. Pink lips are also a sign of healthy and hydrated lips because it shows you care for the minute parts of your body. Just like our eyes need care, lips also should never lack behind. They are one of the most delicate parts of our body and so, it is very important to keep them baby soft. The pinkish tint of the lips enhances our overall attractiveness too. They can brighten up anyone’s day and add a friendly warm touch to our personality.

Many times due to pollution and harsh use of different cosmetics and products, our lips darken and lose their natural beauty over time. The dead skin takes its toll and the natural colour fades. So it’s really important to keep your products as limited as possible when it comes to lips and use natural ones more rather than the paraben ones. Here are a few tips which will help you regain and maintain the beauty of your lips for a long time.


Lipsticks are not herbal and contain a lot of oils, wax and alcohol. Rarely will you find such products that are alcohol and paraben free. Now the look and texture of lipsticks is stunning but what it does to your lips overtime is not as much beautiful as it looks. They stay on the lips for a long time and now with matte everlasting range, it has become even easier for them to fade away the natural colour of your lips. So one should use lipsticks only when required because chemicals are not good for the lips. Make sure you use Shea butter, vitamin E, jojoba oil etc for your lips and tinted lip balms.


Exposure to the sun not only tans you skin but also your lips. The scorching heat causes darkening of the lips so it’s important to use lip balms and lipsticks with spf to protect them all day. When you know you have to spend time out all day, this is a must have. Uv rays have a really damaging effect on the lips and it’s hard to recover from it so it’s better to prevent than cure. Many well known brands have started selling cosmetics with sun protection and it is truly a godsend. Re-apply it whenever required and smile easily all day.


Lips also develop a layer of dead skin cells when exposed to dust, dirt and other impurities. It is important to replace that dead skin cell layer with fresh skin cells with cleansing and exfoliation. With this process, lips become soft and supple again because otherwise they will look dark and dull. It’s not just something you can see, you can also feel it. Use a natural lip scrub at least once a week. Use essential oils and sugar to scrub lips and then finish off with your favourite moisturizer. This one is very favourable and you’ll enjoy doing it.


Yes you might feel relieved after licking your lips and wetting them with the saliva but it’s definitely not a good habit. Instead it feels good in the moment but it actually dries up the lips rather than adding moisture to them. it is advised to never lick or bite your lips to reduce the risk of damage. Always keep a balm handy with you so that whenever there is a need, you apply it and not lick it. Biting the lips because of nervousness also effects the blood circulation and leaves them chapped and bleeding. Start using flavoured lip balms now!


Lastly, this is not something you do; it is something you inculcate in your life slowly. By hydration we don’t mean using a moisturizer alone but to drink lots of water everyday so that it reflects on your skin. The benefit of drinking lots of water everyday has been proved lots of times but little do we know, it affects the lips as well. For pink tinge and juicy lips as opposed to dark lips, only outer moisture is not enough. Internal hydration is a must!

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