Trending Fabric for Summer Clothing

Trending Fabric for Summer Clothing

Since spring is just on the way one must be aware of the highlighting fabric this season. Along with what, what can that fabric are used for? Ladies it’s time to be amazed by the collection and fabric knowledge provided to you in the following post. As every coming year bring new fashion challenges and in order to cope up with it, you need every basic fact. However, there are design and patterns repeated as the last year but with a bit of change to give it a fresh look. Let’s give these a view.

Lingerie Material

Well to our surprise lingerie material have taken forward to be presented on dresses and bustier tops. The lace on these small pretty objects have always fascinated women, thus we believe the idea of merging these with outer clothing is a great one. You can simply add on some crochet design on dresses and flaunt it. Moreover, create it using silk cloth as a base with some hooks and eye clasps on it. Side wise some sheer paneling and you are all set to go.

These dresses will prove to a perfect evening or night out look for every lady. Just slip in them and you are ready to go for an outing with friends or official as these are both elegant and casual at the same time.


Another material which appears to be Silky or cottony depending upon the manufacturing is Polyester. It is a man crafted fabric usually used to create sports wears as it is available in solid colors. With the tech development it is now coming in printed form, which allows it be used to design dresses, skirts, tops etc. It won’t be a surprise that this fabric is used in creating Bra tops, which are becoming extremely popular this season. You can pair these with a blazer or transparent top. In any case this style dares you to go out in public with confidence.


How can we forget Cotton for summer, the cotton is back with the suits, there are ranges of suits with printed strips and solid colors which are trending this summer, you can pair your suit with a Bermuda shorts or short pants to give it a more casual look or wear them with sleek pants for a business outing. Well three pieces have a lot to offer, you can try on suit either with a vest or a ribbon blouse or even a waist coat. Side wise pair a blazer with an over coat will just look exquisite.


If we notice the spring collection suits pinstripes were major highlight. All the major brands have presented suits using pinstripes on runaway this year. They have paired the blazers with wide length pants or open arms to differentiate the looks.


We can relate Suede with the shoe material but in the previous year’s suede is use to create jacket skirts and what not. However the dresses made weren’t so attractive, but this year you have got some triumphant jackets and long skirts with a side cut, which are so chic. Pair it printed top and your looks will be amazing.

You will find this material to be little odd to used as a wearable. Well, it’s called Raffia. It’s a mixture of palm leaves with the natural fiber of the tree. We know it does sound odd to even think of this, but these dresses have won Oscar for their formation and thus you need these. Some popular marks have created dresses and skirts using this fabric which were presented in the spring runway. This is conscious effort made by designer to make the public aware towards environment conservation.




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