The fashion industry is so dynamic that the parameters keep on changing every other day. Trends come and go and everything has its origin from some previous era. Now there have been some really stunning pieces that were a part of the bygone era and now, have made a comeback. Probably because of their designing or functionality, they have made their way back in our wardrobe and are playing on the front foot. You might be already aware of these trends but wouldn’t have added to your collection yet. Have a look and pick the best ones to create a great silhouette-


Chokers were a big part of the fashion line back then because of their chic style. They gained a lot of popularity because of the unique design and now, have made a comeback. With so much to choose from in accessories, chokers have become the ultimate pick for every occasion. They come in so many varied styles that you will feel like a bizarre situation. Chokers are adorned by every woman out there today. In styles like pearls, tassels, stones- they have become staple wear now. You can pair it with a lot of different outfits like dresses, skirts, shorts. Choose a neckline that is broad enough so that you can easily flaunt your collar bones and look effortlessly sexy. Chokers also make your neck look taller.


Dungarees were loved back then and are loved even now. With their ultimate level of comfort as well as design, they have become extremely popular. Having a dungaree actually solves a lot of mystery around what you should wear when you going to. This is because you won’t have to waste time anymore looking for a pair of jeans with a top. All you have to do is pick this dungaree style and set off to start your day. The good thing about this style is that it can be worn anywhere- whether you are going shopping or to a party. It looks stylish every time and thus, satisfies your fashionista vibe. Look for dungarees in denim, linen or satin. All of them look pretty and are definitely one of the best trends from the 90s.


Pantsuits have been a formal edit since the time we remember looking at them. But today, with so many extended horizons, they have actually become a staple wardrobe outfit for all your casual outings as well. If you think they will look too much over the top then you are definitely mistaken. This style is loved so much and looks extravagant. Here we should highlight the fact that pantsuits come in different patterns and sizes. For a more casual look, you can pick an oversized pantsuit in subtle colors. This will look great on a sunny morning and come out as a classy silhouette. If you want to wear it for a formal meeting, then pick it in heavy tone colors and flaunt a sexy style statement.

Bell-bottoms jeans

There is no doubt about the fact that we have seen this one in the real and virtual world all the time during the 90s. Whether it is women, kids, men or even celebrities acting in movies and public appearances; this style has been worn, done and dusted by each one of them. There is a unique charm to this style and that’s why each one of us had it in our wardrobe. Today, this one has made a comeback with its aura and has become another loved apparel. It has worked its charm on everyone which is why you will spot this on the streets. If you look at them, they actually have a lot of definition. With fitted thighs and soft flare below the knees, it accentuates your curves and makes your figure look sexy.

Platform shoes

Some accessories and shoes have their origin even before the 90s and they actually have a lot of attractiveness to them. One of the shoes that we loved from long-gone eras was this pair of platform shoes. Platform shoes are heeled shoes but with ultra-comfort. They can be worn to any outing and look stunning always. If you platform shoes, the benefits are two-fold; firstly, you can easily showcase a sexy style statement and secondly, you look taller and give an illusion of a thin body too. Platform shoes come in a lot of designs and colors like leopard prints, neons, floral prints, suede fabric. You can choose the best one for yourself and pair them with anything you like.

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