With new trends being inroduced in the world every minute, it’s hard to let go of the old ones and adapt the new ones at this speed. The speed at which the fashion is changing everyday is what keeps it lively and ever growing. Whether the people creating it will continue to exist or not, fashion will exist and will grow tenfold of what it is right now. Now tis change is totally customer driven. We, as the audience look, analyse and consider the changes made in clothing, accessories, styling and decide whether we want to do it or not. The answer to the yes/no question is what guides the change into our lives individually and the industry at a whole.

It’s always fun to keep up with the latest trends and try out everything possible because why not? Who is to judge you! Be your own fashionista, be our own critic. The trends that were once so much “in” in the 80s might not be embraced that much in the 90s so it’s actually kind of nostalgic to look behind and discard those.

Heading towards the end of 2019, here is a list of things you can discard from your wardrobe-

LEOPARD PRINTS- We all get excited seeing all kinds of animal prints because they can be worn formally and are so stylish but mellow down the excitement because the shelf life for these articles has now reduced. This trend is becoming extinct. This has been so much that it is no longer a treat to the eyes and it’s better to throw them away before you become endangered. You can put it to rest now and wait for it to come back into trend.

BAGGY CROPPED TOPS- often look like square shaped piece of clothing on the hanger. Despite the fact that they are so comfortable to wear because you can simply slide into them and it’s done, there’s a good chance that you look like a fluffly bear wearing it because it’s so undone and so under styled. There is absolutley nothing you can do to style them differently, belts cannot be used to create a division nor can they be tucked in. So consider putting them at the back of your cupboard.

POINTED MULES- Mules are definitely in but pointed mules is something you cannot afford a place in your wardrobe. They are just so overly designed, hald pump, half slip-ons, is that even a thing? Plus the noise they make when you walk is utterly annoying to the core. Although it’s good to dress differently but not good to dress annoyingly. Since pointed mules are not very chic style, it’s time to let those babies go.

ODDLY SLIM SUNGLASSES- sunglasses are the best accessories to style with any outfit, the ray bans, the colored ones but definitely a bye-bye to the slim cat eye ones. What’s the point to wear something that doesn’t even fulfill the purpose they are meant for? The more sun coverage, the better! Covering the eyes partially is just so unflattering and we have been convinced that these are a big no!

COWBOY BELTS- the purpose of belts is to create a division in your outfit and enhance your height the way you want it to. Sure a belt does add style and trend to the dress but it’s not meant to actually become a hindrance to the outfit. All those cowboy belts with long hangings are such a turn off for the eyes and this unusual style is meant to go out of fashion undoubtedly.

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