Fashion in women clothes is very frequent as we know women don’t go with a particular style for a very long time. But there is one style which is always popular among women from a long time and it cannot vanish in the future even- that is the style of wearing shirts. There are many types of shirt styles. The event and the mood would, of course, decide the type of shirt you want to wear. All styles are popular whether it is formal, semi-formal and even the non-formal one.

The formal style in the shirt cannot be out of trend at all. Whether you are going to your workplace or you are going to attend some official party, the formal shirts are always helpful styled with chinos or with blazers too. Shirts can also be very well dressed up with jeans also and it looks fabulous. If not completely formal, the semi-formal and the non-formal shirts can also attract your attention as these are very much in trend these days. Let’s talk about the different shirt styles-

ALL-TIME FAVOURITE WHITE SHIRT- White is always a pleasant color to wear. It adds a pure and serene look to the outfit and is never a flop show. You can even flaunt a white shirt with denims and that will be the perfect go to look. Not only this, it will fulfill your requirement of a dress code at formal events as well. This multipurpose shirt well deserves a place in your wardrobe.

CHECKERED SHIRTS- Always in the trend and never out! What you need is a combination of perfectly pleated pants and a check shirt to go with. This design has a class that will never go out of style. It really depends on the way you style it which gives it either a formal or semi formal look. Carry a satchel bag along and use it for office wear every day.

STRIPES ALL THE WAY- stripes are always an amazing choice because vertical stripes give your body a slim and toned look. They look highly attractive and add a funky feature to the outfit as well. You’re dressed formally yet looking really classy happens when you wear stripes. They can never grow old- colorful stripes or solid colors. Buy it without a second thought.

COLD SHOULDER SHIRTS- This one bears a very sexy look because of the cold shoulder style. A very basic shirt with cut out shoulders can give you the ultimate diva look when you walk through the crowd. For indifferent looks, this one must be a part of your wardrobe.

SHIRTS WITH FRILLS- This combination of good design and placement of fabric at the right place is so eye catching. Whenever you look at frills around the neck or on the sleeves, they look really elegant and perfectly fitted. Frills are so attractive and imply class as well. This one is on every woman’s bucket list.

GLOSSY SHIRTS- any gloss embossed shirt in pastels is a must have. It looks so classy in nudes and grey especially for days when one is ready to give presentations at office. Glossy shirts with buttoned up structure are the best option for days when nothing else works. Crave for appraisal at office? This one is for you!

AMERICAN PRINT SHIRTS- yes this name implies the existence of colors like cream and red in the shirt. It gives you the American print appearance and yes this is a thing! A catchy shirt like this one would attract anyone and will look too pretty to deliver a style quotient that you crave for. Fold up the sleeves for a more casual look with denim and this becomes a sought out option for you.

You can choose the best one for you with all these shirts as options and add them in the closet!

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