Watches are more than just a time teller. They tell a lot about your personality and personal style. The way you wear and carry your watch at the right occasion with the right outfit is an art and makes you look very classy. Watches are a woman’s everyday wardrobe staple thus complimenting every outfit you style. For a modern woman, it is very important to keep the track of time and if you can do that with a style, then why not? It has the capacity to showcase wearer’s personality but it is just so overwhelming to look at all these watches and not buy all of them. There are just so many styles which are meant for different outings and you must add them in your collection of watches. Every watch speaks of its own and will say a lot more of you too. If you can play with colours even in watches, then why have only one?

We’ve collected the hottest trends of all times and listed them to help narrow down your choice for the perfect masterpiece.


Whenever you’re in doubt whether to wear a bracelet watch or a normal watch to any fancy occasion, pick the bracelet watch without much thinking. It is the perfect solution for any occasion because it is fancy and stylish but never looks over dressed. Such watches are like blending fashion and function together because they create utility by telling the time and also show your style. They are usually made of a chain or multiple chains with additional hangings like pearls and dangling charms to create that oomph factor giving the best of both worlds. You can never regret buying this one.


Ah! The latest trend in the watch industry and oh so stylish! When you think of a smart watch, you should know it is like human brain except only digital. It can do what you want it to. It can track your health data, count your daily steps, shows the date, time and temperature. Just name it and you get it. Smart watches appeal both men and women because of a very refined look which comes in traditional wear and sporty wear. These watches have recently hit the market to finish that chic look of yours. Available in different colours, they are the coolest watches ever made.


Just like boyfriend jeans, these watches are big oversized and chunky in appearance. Women wrists are usually thin and if you place something much bigger on them, it is sure to catch attention. Boyfriend watches have hit the market and how! These oversized babies have taken their size from the men’s collection and then added that chic style to create feminine touch. You will feel bold and confident wearing this one. It just shows the right attitude giving your wrist a bolder look and is designed to make you stand out of the crowd.


The name skeleton comes from the fact that this watch looks like it is inside out which means all chronograph and mechanical features inside of the watch are present on the dial thus looking very bold and alluring. These were just a part of men’s collection for a long time but with women getting into bold fashion, this one could not have been missed. Female versions of this classic masterpiece have come out in the market and are slaying with the exposed dial that shows all the inner gears and mechanics of the watch. They are very unique and a must have!


Floral watches are girly and cute with their garden-inspired theme. Whether you’re hitting the night scene or heading to work, this will never let you down. Cut and casual, this piece works all the time except for fancy occasions. It can perk up any outfit with its vibrant colours and prints on the dial. Floral-print bands and flower embossed dials are very attractive for all we know. You can pick a nice nude strap when buying a floral watch for the perfect balance. These feminine watches give your personality a flirty finish.


As the name suggests, the straps of these watches can be changed according to the colour of your dress or mood. These watches come with multiple straps and show versatility in nature. It will never make you look boring because you can keep on changing whenever you want to thus allowing you to modify your style for every distinct occasion. When you can invest in something that customises itself, then why not? This functional accessory not only shows the time but compliments your look with an extra dose of style.

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