Useful hacks to apply your lipstick the right way

Useful hacks to apply your lipstick the right way

Lipstick is one of those makeup products that can be found even in the bags of the girls who don’t even know how to do their makeup. Well, we are not judging or anything, all we are saying is, lipstick is one of the powerful makeup tools to have in our beauty arsenal and it can work magic for our looks. Lipsticks have been a starter makeup product for every girl, especially the ones who are new to the makeup world. Don’t be mistaken with the tiny appearance of these lipsticks. As easy and humble as these lipsticks look, applying them the right way can be a really difficult task especially for all the girls who are new to this. Well, they might not be as tricky as your contouring palette, but working with them isn’t easy either. And if you aren’t well versed with this product, then you can easily end up making beauty blunders which is something you don’t want.
To make sure that you don’t end up making any blunder with your lipstick and want to flaunt that pout flawlessly, then keep reading the article where we have listed a few lipstick hacks for you that will keep you on the top of your makeup game with zero mistakes.

No more lip stains

This problem especially arises when you’re wearing one of those creamy and liquid lipsticks. We know it can be quite embarrassing to find your lipstick sticking on your teeth and making a hideous appearance in front of all the people. This can absolutely ruin your look and make you the center of attraction for all the wrong reasons. Well, you can easily avoid this from happening. After you are done applying your lipstick, slide two fingers inside your mouth and gently pull them out. Doing so will help you to get rid of all the excess lipstick that was sitting on your lips and would have caused marks on your teeth.

Make your lip color pop-out

If you have one of those lipsticks that completely washes you out, then there’s one easy way to deal with this problem. No matter the color, you can make that lipstick pop on your face by following this quick and effective tip. A concealer is all that you need to do the job. Even your foundation would work which matches your skin tone. But firstly, make sure to apply lip balm to your lips, then take either of the products and blend it nicely on your lips. After that, you can take your lipstick and apply it all over your lips. You would see a big change in the way your lipstick looks; it will look more bright and super pigmented.

Get rid of smears and smudges

Mastering the art of applying lipsticks requires a lot of practice. Especially when you’re a newcomer, it’s quite natural to make mistakes while applying your lipstick which can result in a few smears and smudges. That’s completely fine as this problem can easily be rectified with the use of a q-tip. Yes, a q-tip is all that you need to get rid of smears and smudges. Just take the q-tip and soak it in a makeup cleanser, then gently rub it over the smudged areas to get rid of any patch or spots. After that, take your concealer and cover all the smudged areas to make everything look even.

Give your lips a natural finish

A no-makeup makeup look is a thing now. And quite honestly, it looks every bit of chic and sexy. With your lipstick playing an important role in achieving the look, you surely wouldn’t want to go wrong with that. There is a trick to work with your lipstick for creating this look. Take that favorite liquid matte lipstick of yours on your fingertip and dab it lightly on your lips. This will add a very subtle hue to your lips. Just make sure to keep the layer of your lipstick very light to make it look very natural.

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